Carrot Brew

The recipes you will read about on this page are the somewhat ironic by-product of whatever my measly bank account, my flight of fancy, my inability to let food go to waste, and my propensity for great tasting, wicked healthy food will allow for.

The goal here is not to be perfect – but it is Threefold: (1) realize that you don’t have to be an amazing chef to cook for yourself [and others]  (2) notoriously “weird” food previously ostracized to Health Nazis, can be used in everyday cooking (3) making under $30k a year doesn’t relegate you to a fast food dollar menu

[Those without a sense of humor need not read on]

Carrot Brew

         carrotbrew1                 + carrotbrew2    +carrotbrew3

Don’t tell me you have at least once thought about jumping on the bandwagon of the Juicing Phenomenon?

I, for one, am guilty as charged.

Just a few nights ago I found myself with 7lbs – 7lbs – of organic carrots sitting in my refrigerator along with a jar of olives, a boiled egg, and the other two fine ingredients you see pictures above.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I could have at that very moment decided – YES, NOW I must juice; surely, now, if ever, it makes sense! But alas, I was starving and the thought of juicing was perhaps as inherently unexciting as it is by nature.

SO instead, I decided to turn on Netflix, bring a trash can and a vegetable peeler into my living room and start peeling. I admit, the first 3lbs were the worst – I may or may not have drank one of the red ales during the peeling process… feel free to use less  – you just won’t end up with as much soup at the end.

After you have peeled a satisfactory amount of carrots:

  • Bring carrots to a  Boil in a large pot on stove, cook until tender [put a dash of salt and pepper into the water]
  • Drain water out into a separate container
  • Place carrots in a food processor [ a few cups at a time depending on how big of a food processor you have]
  • Add approx. ¼ cup of the boiling water to every 4 cups of carrots to ease processing; process until a thick puree consistency is achieved
  • Once all your carrots have been pureed place back into the large pot
  • Turn burner back on to low/med
  • Add brew of choice [ see above for my choice]
  • Stir
  • Flavor with parmesan to taste [ for the 7 lbs of carrots I had I ended up using about ¾ cups of parm and then some for garnish]
  • Keep on low/med heat for about 20 mins letting everything simmer together
  • Remove from heat
  • Let cool in a bowl before consuming
  • While waiting to cool, may I suggest that you clean up after yourself ? Yes well, mother’s lessons die hard.
  • Don’t burn mouth
  • Enjoy


2 thoughts on “Carrot Brew

  1. Elise says:

    I like the recipe and will need to get that food processor to do it, but it sounds tasty and my fiancée will like the addition of beer. Could I use beef stock with it instead? I keep seeing moving dots on the graphics.


    • MissFit says:

      so great to hear some feedback – I do recommend getting the food processor for the sole reason that a blender does not do hot items very well; it will pressurize and you will end up with wicked bright orange goo all over. However, if you wanted to make ahead of time and chill the carrots over night you could use a blender it may just take a bit longer . You can definitely use beef stock – just go for the low sodium option as canned and boxed stocks/broths tend to be wicked high in sodium. Fun fact – the elementary compound symbol for sodium is Na+ – helps me remember to just say “na” to high sodium foods; they cause dehydration and bloating.

      As far as the moving dots are concerned – those are suppose to be snowflakes. I opted for the weather widget when creating the site. However, on second thought it does make my graphics look like they suffer from Seborrhea… aka Dandruff…


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