The Case for Carbonation

BAMFIZZ          POP
Such wonderful onomatopoeias [yes, it’s a word…] come to mind with the word Carbonation.
But is it all fun, games, and Batman comic books?

I bring you the Case for Carbonation
If you’ve ever read a beauty magazine around bathing suit season [which here in AZ is all year round] I’m sure you have seen the recommendation of “foods to avoid for that rockin’ beach ‘bod” and “carbonated beverages” is always on that list.
But why?
Is it warranted?
What did those poor little rounds orbs of fizz do to get blacklisted…?

Ladies and Gentleman, the Jury finds the Fizz Guilty by Association with Possibility of Parole on Good Behavior.

Allow me to explain.

Fizz Guilty by Association

The first three carbonated beverages that come to mind:
[1] Sodas
[2] Beer
[3] Champagne

All of which are BANG high in calories, simple carbs in the form of sugar, and virtually ZAP zilch on nutrition – making them troublesome even if you let them go flat. So it’s not really the carbonation causing the trouble. But like the kid who ruins recess for everyone, it gets a bar wrap.

Because these beverages are so high in sugar they actually require a lot of water from your body to process and digest – so much in fact, that simply drinking it causes you to become dehydrated [making it extra dangerous in a beach/hot temperature setting where the warm temperatures cause you to perspire and you lose even more hydration through sweat].
To add salt to the wound, alcohol and soda intake actually has a favorite spot for where it stores the extra energy created by all those sugars – the abdominal area! CHEER [NOT]
There are several physiological reasons for this [I can go into more detail individually if you have ever wanted to know about the infamous Beer Gut].

Possibility of Parole on Good Behavior

Quick science lesson:

Ok so, what is carbonation?

It is essentially the state of a beverage that exists after a liquid has been pressurized with carbon dioxide gas and partially dissolved.

As you know, carbon dioxide is the air that you breathe out BREATHE It is in that sense a gas. Therefore, we can say that you when you consume a carbonated beverage, you are taking in [inhaling, if you will] a gas that the body, in normal states of functioning, is trying to expel/exhale.
This being said, it makes sense that, should the body find itself with an Outside Gas suddenly Inside, it is going to try to put it back in its natural habitat any way that it can – but most commonly out of the same orifice it entered – the mouth. Hence, the Burp.

SO why does carbonation on good behavior deserve parole? When Carbonation pairs up with its Calorie-free friend SPLASH Water, it doesn’t carry any of those extra calories mentioned above and the belching those glorious bubble induce actually helps stimulate the release of pressure from gas buildup in the stomach; making it more effective than tap water in easing symptoms of indigestion.

Case Closed.

In Case You Thought I Was Blowing Smoke…

Well Folks, if you don’t believe the writing at least remember that a picture speaks a thousands words…And excuse the cheezy, cliché photo but it has not been airbrushed or enhanced. My roommate just snapped it this evening.

In 20 months…following the regiment I share with my clients,
I lost 26 lbs…
I lost 41 inches…
I went down 5 sizes…
My body fat went from 26% to 19%…

And I GAINED more happiness and self-worth than I could ever quantify.
If you have ever tried to get control of your weight but feel you have failed, I urge you to reach out. Connect with me. I will teach you how to construct a plan that works for YOU.
Remember, As long as you are not working against your goal, it’s progress.

Almost-Vegan Amaretto Chocolate Chip Muffins

almost vegan amaretto

Know someone craving something sweet but trying to steer clear of dairy, added sugars, and gluten? How about someone trying to boost intake of antioxidants, calcium, and omega -3?
See below for a great recipe that fits the nutrition bill, but stays easy on your wallet.

~Preheat Oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit
~ Place muffin liners in muffin tin

[1 – 15oz can] Organic Pumpkin Puree (unsweetened)
[ 1 cup] Uncooked Raw Oats
[2 cups] Oat Flour
[4 Tbsp] Cinnamon
[3 tsp] Baking Soda
[1/2 cup] Soymilk
[1/4 cup] Amaretto Liquor
[1/3 cup] Dutch Cocoa Powder
[ 1] Raw Egg
[1/2 cup] Dark (60%) chocolate chips
[1/4 cup] Raisins [optional]
[1/4 cup] Flaxseed Oil [for garnish]

~Mix together pumpkin, oats, oat flour, baking soda, cinnamon, cracked egg, and cocoa
~ Pour in Amaretto and Soymilk
~Fold in chocolate chips and optional raisins

~Pour mixture evenly among the 18 lines muffin holders
~Bake for approximately 20 mins then check with a toothpick; if the tooth pick comes out clean go ahead and remove muffins, place back in oven for 5 to 8 minutes if it does not come out clean.

~Remove muffins from oven and brush Flaxseed Oil on top.
~Let cool
~Place in airtight container
~Share with friends and colleagues – Enjoy!

*Note, because there are no preservatives, the muffins will need to be moved to the fridge if not consumed within 5 days. They also freeze and defrost well for up to 4 months!

Serving Size: 1 muffin
Calories per muffin: 72
Price per muffin: $ 0.23

Be A-Ware

sand timeAccording to Merriam-Webster, contemporary synonyms for “aware” include alive, cognizant, mindful, sensible, alert, and observant; the archaic meaning was more akin to being “wary” or “vigilant”
As a noun a “ware” is defined as a thing made from a certain material or that is designed for a particular use.
Now, as an adjective or a noun, that doesn’t sound so bad right? As a matter of fact, if someone called me an Aware Ware, I may just have to blush and curtsy…

After all, they did just refer to me as a sensible, observant thing designed for a particular use, no?
I suppose it beats “Hey, you”…

Why am I encouraging such a ridiculous name? Where is this particularly odd musing coming from?

The dregs of my conscious, that’s where… I recently spent A LOT of time with my brain.

Allow me to explain.
Just last week I spent 76 hrs and 14 mins without my cell phone.
No cell phone…
No mobile telephone…
No handheld computer that connects me to the globe…
No Facebook at my fingertips…
Imagine such a thing…
The only Tweets heard were those echoing from the actual vocal chords of a flying creature… The only way to get help if I got lost driving would be to pull over and talk to a fellow human being… The only music I could stream was from that magic knob in my car that somehow signals to an antennae for radio waves AND I had to suffer through periodic interludes of advertisements that I was unable to skip or fast-forward through…


Imagine, 40 waking hours of not knowing if someone was trying to share a link, post a video, or got-forbid just check in with me…


The first 15 minutes were the worst.
It was remarkable how little it took for me to suddenly feel so unnatural…so foreign… so…alone.
It’s terrifying how much safety we have made ourselves believe our phones offer.
Not only was I Linus without his blanket, but Work…was…looooooooooooooooooong.
Any idea how often you look at your personal cell phone during work?
I promise whatever number you are thinking is a gross underestimation.
I must have looked for it a dozen or more times even though I know I didn’t have it.
I had no idea how dependent I had become on my phone to fill up those tiny little blips of time…no idea that at some point we must have decided as a culture that every millisecond needed to be accounted for… a sound byte for every miniscule moment of silence between the chaos; every brief mental mind gap filled.
Being the salmon-swimming rebel that I am, I was annoyed with myself… I found that, despite certain efforts, I was among this culture; I too had forgotten gaps in structured thought could be so plentiful, and so necessary…
Part of the philosophy behind what I teach my clients is the importance of Awareness.
Whether you are trying to lose weight, manage allergies, fight cancer, get a promotion at work, raise out of an episode of depression, or any other goal related to your Self, you have to be in tune with said Self; You must constantly take inventory of both internal and external stimuli and then analyze and categorize it.*
You must take time to ask self-reflective questions like: How does a certain thing, person, or event make me feel emotionally? Physically? Spiritually?
What then do you do with the answers you have given yourself?
How do you start to effect change for the negative elements discovered?
How do you surround yourself with more of the positive elements you uncovered?
Notice I said above – “You must take time”. I did not say “make time” or “find time”.
Yes…Time is yours to take, and do with what you please.
But, Beware, Time is what it is – constant, unchanging. It’s the one thing you cannot buy more of no matter how rich you are. You cannot find it, because it cannot be lost; what you perceive as lost time is merely time you took and used in an unproductive way.

Do not spend your Time; Invest it.

Be Aware of those idle moments…
Use them wisely, for they are the Wares from which you create change.

*I explain more about this tailored awareness process in my private sessions; if interested, please reach out I would be happy to connect with you on this.

New Year’s Re-Solution


Well, the calendar doesn’t lie…another year has truly come and gone and come again.

And, most likely, so have your Resolutions… What is a resolution anyways? Linguistically, it is related to the concept of resolve… ironically… we often lack the resolve we need for our resolutions.

For the purpose of this article, let’s expand our semantic minds and breakdown the term into its prefix and its core: “Re” and “Solve”/“Solution” – essentially “to solve again”.

Operating under this notion, I want to offer up a different kind of Resolution to my Readers.

I want to challenge my Readers to “re-solve” some of the issues in their lives in a way other than the standard “I will do this”, “I won’t do that” mantra that most Resolutions are born from.

The first step is still going to be to Identify Issues.  When meeting with clients I always recommend achieving issue identification through a “funnel” method – simply meaning to start with broad, general realms of your life and work into more specific, singular items.  This method is helpful because normally, when asked about what they feel needs improving in their lives, my clients will laughingly say, “Everything!”  While they may be chuckling as they say it, they are actually serious and the truth of their response is what overwhelms and prevents them from taking necessary action steps to begin with [think of how when you have a big project and so many things need done you just don’t know where to start…same concept].

Example [using funnel method]:

My Health

Chronic diseases/disorders

Lifestyle/ Habits

My Weight

Self Esteem



SO the root of all evil is not Money, but Fear.

Fear, is, more specifically, simply Fear of the Unknown.

What is the best way to combat the Unknown?


Remove the “Un” part.

This year, instead of vowing to do or not do something, vow to educate yourself on a piece of the ultimate goal and be amazed [and celebrate!] the results that will follow.

For instance, instead of having a New Year’s Resolution of “I will Lose 20 lbs before Swim Suit Season” – tweak [not twerk] that resolution to say “I will educate myself on food labels”. Or “I will learn more about classes my gym offers”. The action step is in knowledge building [which WE ALL can do]; rather than in the end result [which WE ALL can talk ourselves out of believing is possible].

Let’s look at one more example. Instead of having a New Year’s Resolution to “Pay off my Student Loans by 2016”, re-solve the issue by deciding to learn more about re-payment options, to understand your interest rates, or to learn about loan consolidation.

By reframing the resolution to emphasize the “Means” over the “End” you reduce your chances of “failing” to achieve your resolution because your focus is on the [seemingly] lesser building blocks to the ultimate goal – thus keeping daily success realistic and tangible. Additionally, by educating yourself on contributing factors of a particular issue, you are equipping yourself with issue-specific know-how and consequently heightening your confidence in your ability to actually make progress towards said goal. And therein lies the key to actually achieving something – believing you can.

**note** You can start with any troubled category of your life and the lowest common denominator will always be fear. I haven’t been given a category yet that I could not trace back to fear in one form or another….I would love to hear from all my Miss and Mister Fits out there; contact me today!