New Year’s Re-Solution


Well, the calendar doesn’t lie…another year has truly come and gone and come again.

And, most likely, so have your Resolutions… What is a resolution anyways? Linguistically, it is related to the concept of resolve… ironically… we often lack the resolve we need for our resolutions.

For the purpose of this article, let’s expand our semantic minds and breakdown the term into its prefix and its core: “Re” and “Solve”/“Solution” – essentially “to solve again”.

Operating under this notion, I want to offer up a different kind of Resolution to my Readers.

I want to challenge my Readers to “re-solve” some of the issues in their lives in a way other than the standard “I will do this”, “I won’t do that” mantra that most Resolutions are born from.

The first step is still going to be to Identify Issues.  When meeting with clients I always recommend achieving issue identification through a “funnel” method – simply meaning to start with broad, general realms of your life and work into more specific, singular items.  This method is helpful because normally, when asked about what they feel needs improving in their lives, my clients will laughingly say, “Everything!”  While they may be chuckling as they say it, they are actually serious and the truth of their response is what overwhelms and prevents them from taking necessary action steps to begin with [think of how when you have a big project and so many things need done you just don’t know where to start…same concept].

Example [using funnel method]:

My Health

Chronic diseases/disorders

Lifestyle/ Habits

My Weight

Self Esteem



SO the root of all evil is not Money, but Fear.

Fear, is, more specifically, simply Fear of the Unknown.

What is the best way to combat the Unknown?


Remove the “Un” part.

This year, instead of vowing to do or not do something, vow to educate yourself on a piece of the ultimate goal and be amazed [and celebrate!] the results that will follow.

For instance, instead of having a New Year’s Resolution of “I will Lose 20 lbs before Swim Suit Season” – tweak [not twerk] that resolution to say “I will educate myself on food labels”. Or “I will learn more about classes my gym offers”. The action step is in knowledge building [which WE ALL can do]; rather than in the end result [which WE ALL can talk ourselves out of believing is possible].

Let’s look at one more example. Instead of having a New Year’s Resolution to “Pay off my Student Loans by 2016”, re-solve the issue by deciding to learn more about re-payment options, to understand your interest rates, or to learn about loan consolidation.

By reframing the resolution to emphasize the “Means” over the “End” you reduce your chances of “failing” to achieve your resolution because your focus is on the [seemingly] lesser building blocks to the ultimate goal – thus keeping daily success realistic and tangible. Additionally, by educating yourself on contributing factors of a particular issue, you are equipping yourself with issue-specific know-how and consequently heightening your confidence in your ability to actually make progress towards said goal. And therein lies the key to actually achieving something – believing you can.

**note** You can start with any troubled category of your life and the lowest common denominator will always be fear. I haven’t been given a category yet that I could not trace back to fear in one form or another….I would love to hear from all my Miss and Mister Fits out there; contact me today!

Let Miss Fit know what you think!

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