Be A-Ware

sand timeAccording to Merriam-Webster, contemporary synonyms for “aware” include alive, cognizant, mindful, sensible, alert, and observant; the archaic meaning was more akin to being “wary” or “vigilant”
As a noun a “ware” is defined as a thing made from a certain material or that is designed for a particular use.
Now, as an adjective or a noun, that doesn’t sound so bad right? As a matter of fact, if someone called me an Aware Ware, I may just have to blush and curtsy…

After all, they did just refer to me as a sensible, observant thing designed for a particular use, no?
I suppose it beats “Hey, you”…

Why am I encouraging such a ridiculous name? Where is this particularly odd musing coming from?

The dregs of my conscious, that’s where… I recently spent A LOT of time with my brain.

Allow me to explain.
Just last week I spent 76 hrs and 14 mins without my cell phone.
No cell phone…
No mobile telephone…
No handheld computer that connects me to the globe…
No Facebook at my fingertips…
Imagine such a thing…
The only Tweets heard were those echoing from the actual vocal chords of a flying creature… The only way to get help if I got lost driving would be to pull over and talk to a fellow human being… The only music I could stream was from that magic knob in my car that somehow signals to an antennae for radio waves AND I had to suffer through periodic interludes of advertisements that I was unable to skip or fast-forward through…


Imagine, 40 waking hours of not knowing if someone was trying to share a link, post a video, or got-forbid just check in with me…


The first 15 minutes were the worst.
It was remarkable how little it took for me to suddenly feel so unnatural…so foreign… so…alone.
It’s terrifying how much safety we have made ourselves believe our phones offer.
Not only was I Linus without his blanket, but Work…was…looooooooooooooooooong.
Any idea how often you look at your personal cell phone during work?
I promise whatever number you are thinking is a gross underestimation.
I must have looked for it a dozen or more times even though I know I didn’t have it.
I had no idea how dependent I had become on my phone to fill up those tiny little blips of time…no idea that at some point we must have decided as a culture that every millisecond needed to be accounted for… a sound byte for every miniscule moment of silence between the chaos; every brief mental mind gap filled.
Being the salmon-swimming rebel that I am, I was annoyed with myself… I found that, despite certain efforts, I was among this culture; I too had forgotten gaps in structured thought could be so plentiful, and so necessary…
Part of the philosophy behind what I teach my clients is the importance of Awareness.
Whether you are trying to lose weight, manage allergies, fight cancer, get a promotion at work, raise out of an episode of depression, or any other goal related to your Self, you have to be in tune with said Self; You must constantly take inventory of both internal and external stimuli and then analyze and categorize it.*
You must take time to ask self-reflective questions like: How does a certain thing, person, or event make me feel emotionally? Physically? Spiritually?
What then do you do with the answers you have given yourself?
How do you start to effect change for the negative elements discovered?
How do you surround yourself with more of the positive elements you uncovered?
Notice I said above – “You must take time”. I did not say “make time” or “find time”.
Yes…Time is yours to take, and do with what you please.
But, Beware, Time is what it is – constant, unchanging. It’s the one thing you cannot buy more of no matter how rich you are. You cannot find it, because it cannot be lost; what you perceive as lost time is merely time you took and used in an unproductive way.

Do not spend your Time; Invest it.

Be Aware of those idle moments…
Use them wisely, for they are the Wares from which you create change.

*I explain more about this tailored awareness process in my private sessions; if interested, please reach out I would be happy to connect with you on this.

5 thoughts on “Be A-Ware

  1. Elise says:

    I know my fiancé and I started becoming more aware of how much we were eating when we would go to a restraint and order only an appetizer or two and discussed that if we were still hungry after eating it and a glass of water we could always get something else. Much better way to go out. It forced us to decide if we were hungry. We found ourselves being concerned that we were going to be hungry, when in truth we’ve never starved a day in our lives. We could, however, tell each other stories of family members always giving more food because they didn’t want us “to go away hungry.”


  2. Jason says:

    Well, after much thought…..I have decided that youare quite correct in you detailing of thee unused or unproductive time that we spend flipping through our phones or scouring over FB….we indeed have become addicts of the IMMEDIATE…..Taking the time, actually sitting down and realizing that you do have the authority and power to take the time is the first step…..after that, well that’s where the fun begins. When you soon realize that, WOW, the trees are amazing right now, the leaves gathered onthe ground, the clouds in the air, the breeze…..and guess what, FB will be there tomorrow I promise. There are no “updates” that can’t wait, there are no lives hanging in the balance based on a tweet….. Try it, and just breathe


  3. A Mermaid Named (E.D.) says:

    Well done! Nice article! I have been paying more and more attention to that need to constantly be connected. I have been purposely leaving my cell phone at home etc. To be more present. What you wrote about feeling alone is absolutely true! I had an encounter where a friend did not text back for days. I started to think about before there was telephones or computers. About a time when people mailed letters and delivered them by horse back. What a different word for sure. Probably one as you say that was much more aware.


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