Carb Crazed?

Ok, so it’s Sunday… It’s February… It’s 2014…

That means there is approximately anywhere from a 23%- 77% chance that we are being told Carbs are the Root of all Dietary Evil.

Thank you to A Health Blog for this info-graph:

carb craze

This is a great intro to Carbs.

However, I want to make sure that my readers understand ALL CARBS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL.

There are both Simple and Complex Carbs.

Ok, complex and simple carbs – easiest way to describe – go get a food item with a nutrition label on it.

See how there are bold and non-bold characters?

The “bold” ones are Total Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Total Carb, and Protein. Notice what the two non-bold items under Total Carbs are [1] dietary fiber [2] sugars, and sometimes [3] Other Carbohydrates. Based on what you know from simple outlining protocol, those two/three items are actually “subsets” of Total Carb

So, check the item you are looking at. If you add up the grams of Fiber, Sugars, and Other Carbs, it should equal Total Carbs….Yes?

A “Simple Carb” is simple, referring to molecular structure. It has one carbon bond that the body needs to disassemble before it can be utilized. That bond is a sugar bond [typically called “fructose” or “sucrose”, look for it in ingredients]. Your simple carb, “processed foods” are going to have the majority of the Total Carbs coming from the sugar subset of Total Carbs and will give you that quick boost of energy but then leave you hungry soon and sometimes tired [infamous sugar crash – and definitely NOT your friend if you have Diabetes].

A “Complex Carb” is complex, again in reference to molecular structure. It has multiple carbon bonds and even amino acids trailing along that the body needs to break apart before it can utilize it for energy [because remember, Calories are just units of energy]. A food item that has complex carbs is going to have a more even distribution of the three Total Carb subsets and will have at least 4 g protein on average as well – helping keep your blood sugar level from spiking [definitely a great choice if you have Diabetes]

Complex carbs, because they are complex, take longer for body to digest, helping you stay full longer and the Fiber breaks down to mostly water and helps keep you full as well as contribute to flushing out ‘waste’. Making it ideal for weight loss. Complex carbs are the “Whole Grains” genre of food. But read labels, sometimes crappy foods get that label and still have virtually no fiber… remember The Natural Effect Video…only funny because it’s true…

Also of note, not all Simple Carbs are candy and bad things. Fruit is a simple carb as well in the sense that the main carbon bond is fructose BUT fruit also has complex carb chain links because of the Fiber [especially apples and bananas]. Plus all the vitamins and trace minerals and natural occurring antioxidants.. SO, yes, the pineapple, grape, melon fruit medley beats the Starburst “with real fruit juice” every time. Check out more specifically All the Amazing Kinds of Fruits and What They Can Do For You

Now breathe.

Tomorrow is Monday.

Still February.

Still 2014.

Which means there is approximately anywhere between 31%-69% chance you will want to call out sick from work. Just don’t blame it on the

Carb Coma

carb coma

3 thoughts on “Carb Crazed?

  1. Elise says:

    Hi my name is Elise and I’m a carb-aholic, did I do the first step correctly? I’m a little surprised that I can have up to 150mg to get fat burning going. I would imagine it would be best to stay around 100 or less. I’m trying to be low carb, so I appreciate knowing what my daily intake should not exceed.


  2. MissFit says:

    Hi Elise, yes you did well with that first step! The chart, as I mentioned, is merely a guide. Each person is going to have a unique set of circumstances relating to them that will make an ideal number for what they are hoping to accomplish. If you are trying to be low carb, and also working out, I recommend around the 110 mark with carbs being consumed an hour prior to cardio. Ideally you will get your heart rate elevated 2x daily to keep insulin in check.
    Thank you for reaching out and feel free to let me know if I can of any more help!


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