Retro Run – Bringing the 80s Back


In case your excuse for not being active is that you tend to lack grace both in the physical-sense and possibly the fashion-sense – -so long as you don’t lack in the humor-sense…

Happy Thursday Dear Readers – MissFit here. It’s time to Lighten Upyour day with a little laugh from a day in the life [and mind] of yours truly.

Allow me to begin. It’s that time of year when I’m out of the shadows here in Phoenix, Az.

Shadows? What shadows? You know those blissful weeks between mid- November and mid-February where it doesn’t start getting light until about 710a?

It’s my favorite because it’s dark when I do my morning jog….which means….I don’t have to put any thought into how ridiculous my running outfit is or the fact that I could easily be mistaken for Jessie from Saved By the Bell with my thousand-and-one mashed curl ringlets.

Jessie Spano

Jessie Spano

I’ll be honest – it’s quite blissful.

To wear knee-high argyle socks with yellow shorts and a hot pink tshirt… or better yet knee-high socks with spandex capris so just my knobby knees stick out…

Sheer bliss knowing that my fashion faux pas are safely blanketed in the throes of night even though its 6am…

I pushed my luck this morning …I peeked outside at 607am …it was dark…I glanced in the mirror… crazy tendril curls that only Medusa would envy… “Alright” I thought, “Let’s do this”…

'MissFit Spano'

‘MissFit Spano’

635 am the sun crept up… my façade fading I ran faster… the Recycle Truck barreling around the corner reminding me I had forgotten to put out the Blue Bin [!!!] I ran faster still.

Not taking into account the volume by which my hair was inevitably expanding as I quickened my pace…

Of course people would take it upon themselves to be walking their dogs or going for a morning stroll. Which is totally great and I support – i just feel bad, you know…I can only imagine the extent to which my neon pink shirt [clashing with my strawberry blonde frizzy mess] startled these poor folks.

Alas, I didn’t trip over the speed bump on the last hill running back to my house- something the dark shadows of morning had taunted me with for the last 13 weeks – but I suppose it’s that time of year again when I should at least invest in a hair clip of sorts.

3 thoughts on “Retro Run – Bringing the 80s Back

  1. litadoolan says:

    I love this post! This makes me smile whilst giving me motivating style tips. I will look out for some running pants full of life as they could be a great way to make the treadmill the place to be! I like the orange pair. Fab photo of you Miss Fit!


    • MissFit says:

      Oh no don’t take my styling tips !! I am what is called a ” fashion faux pas” ….
      Only to be used for my nutrition knowledge. ……. However you did use “whilst” in this comment…. hmm mayhap… yes mayhap ’tis true that you and I are cut from a similar cloth… in which case fashion on my friend : )


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