The Snaahhz-berries Taste Like Snaahhz-berries…

Ok, so no actual Snaahhz-berries to report on BUT I got your attention, yes?

Now, for some reason, since the very first time I heard the word “snaahhz-berry” I have not only pictured it spelled as such [probably not accurate?] but I have also pictured them to be of the color BLUE

For the longest time I could not figure out why.

I came across an interesting nugget of knowledge a while back that I think may hold the answers:
It was a typical Tuesday, I was doing research for one of my clients who was looking  for some additional ways to help out with weight control [aren’t we all!] and I was discussing the differences between sugars you would find in fruit vs sugars found in candy [see my article Carb Crazed]
We began discussing fruits he liked and fruits he didn’t. I brought up blueberries because they are absolutely packed with vitamins and antioxidants. He made the coy remark – “blueberries… I know… I should probably eat them…they just… I don’t know… I mean they are BLUE… that just doesn’t even sound appealing. You know?”

Hold the phone… He’s totally right…Are there even any other foods that are blue? Is this like that time I heard there are no words in the English Language that rhyme with “orange” or “silver” ? Could blueberries be an orphan food?


“What an interesting comment. Let’s look into that further…”

“Turns out, other than some strands of seeding for plums and eggplant – there are no other naturally occurring [non GMO, non-hybrid] foods that are blue other than blueberries.”

Now, back to Willy Wonka.

Psychologically speaking, because snaahhz-berries do not really exist [and certainly if they did , they would prefer themselves to be spelled quite differently and so would be rendered un-recognizable in their currently delineated form] my mind envisioned them as BLUE because there are so few known blue foods in my schema. Hence an unheard of food is more likely to be BLUE than any other color. HAH! Take that Years of Uncertainty!

[I also did not spout that information off to my poor, unsuspecting client either… However, I thought there may be a Willy Wonka fan or two strolling through my blog at some point who would enjoy this anecdote.]


“You’ve probably never heard a health professional tell you to ‘Get Blue’ for weight loss – but I’m going to. I’m not telling you to get sad and depressed – but actually get the color Blue around you, especially in the kitchen, plates, bowls, countertops, etc.”

       Why, you ask?          

Research shows that while BLUE is the most calming color, it is also the least appetizing color as it does not occur naturally in foods aside from blueberries and some plums and eggplants.
Furthermore, evolutionarily, humans avoid foods that are thought to be poisonous and BLUE tends to be a color associated with poison and/or spoiled and rotting food. Eating off of BLUE dishes can reduce food intake by 15% or more simply by inducing notions of calmness, mindfulness, and survival [thank you Darwin].
Strange, but true.
Now if you still need more convincing, check out this great info graph and You Tube spotlighting even more research to support these small but mighty little fruits.


And lastly, some kitchen ideas: blue

3 thoughts on “The Snaahhz-berries Taste Like Snaahhz-berries…

  1. gratefulrick says:

    So, I put blueberries in my oatmeal every morning, and it’s true, at first glance they do look blue – but they make everything they touch purple. Its a little weird eating a bowl of purple every morning, but my breakfast sure doesn’t look like anyone else’s in the office.


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