Daily Prompt: I Believe

The following is an original Miss Fit musing in response to The Daily Prompt


I’ve often wondered the differences between Trusting, Believing and Hoping. My intellectual thoughts and emotional attachments to these words have vacillated over my years.

When subscribing to organized religion – Hoping was at the top of my vocabulary. The notion of Belief was too loose, too “pagan”; people “believe” in fairy tales and myths – but my God, my religion, was so much more than fairy tale or myth. IT WAS TRUTH.

But then came the atheist in my life. The questions started. The increase of brush offs and decrease of answers from pastors that came my way were both confusing and disheartening.

I gravitated hard and fast towards and Skepticism and Science.  Suddenly Trust had beaten out Hope as my  “go to” word.  Hope was now for the weak and narrow of Mind. It had no real substance to me anymore. Laughable even.

But Belief.

Belief has always intrigued me.  I have found myself many times thinking that it is the one entity I cannot function without – yet I have not defined it for myself – and am thus floundering around in this cesspool of society.

But that’s just the stubborn Nihilist in me….I know better…or do I?

is our world really just a bunch or arbitrary, subjective things?

Perhaps… in which case Belief is at the base of everything – most significantly, Trust and Hope.

You see, if I Believe that someone or something will hurt me, I am inclined – at both visceral and emotional levels – to not Trust them.

If I Believe someone or something will not hurt me, I am inclined – again at both visceral and emotional levels – to allow Trust with that person or thing  .

The incredible part is – this is still entirely up to me.

NO matter what.

I can seek knowledge – and damn well should – and I can come to “know” certain things. But at the end of the day I can decide that Gravity is a bunk myth and that the “real reason” an apple falls to the ground is because there are trace amounts of metal in the dirt and apple seeds have some kind of magnetic property that draws them to said ground. In a split second, I can decide that is my Belief – my TRUTH – and thus fashion my Life after it.

I can say that I “Trust” the apple seeds have metallic properties or I “Hope” the dirt has opposite polarity particles so people don’t think I’m CRAZY – or worse – WRONG. But even that Trust and Hope stems, ultimately, from Belief.

And so it is with myself – and everything concerning myself.

Whatever I Believe to be true about myself and all those entities surrounding myself, I will knowingly or unknowingly color my Life with.

I sure better know what those Beliefs are.

Or I can forget about obtaining Trust or Hope in myself – let alone anything or anyone else. And that – that would be a sad excuse for a Life.

God-willing, I refuse to be that person.

I Believe in myself

So that I may

Trust in myself

So that I may

Hope in myself

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I Believe

  1. heila2013 says:

    Hi Marie,
    Great post. I so agree on the inclination part. One is so much more likely to succeed in whatever it is he plans to do when he believes that he’ll be able to do it. Doubts are often killers. Heila


  2. MissFit says:

    so true Ms Heila!
    perception really is reality. if you don’t believe something is within your control or power or ability then it wont happen. But . IF YOU DO. epic possibilities


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