Reelin’ in the Bait for Ascorbate


What in the world is ascorbate?

Simple – It is the scientific name for Vitamin C.

By the way, did you know that historically, citrus fruits were a staple on sea voyages to stave off Scurvy – a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency that results in fatigue, exhaustion, edema, and membrane ulcerations? True story.


And yes, the sea-faring pun in the title of this post was planned. You thought I was kidding about how much I love puns? Not a chance.

Now, I want to draw your attention to another lesser known fact. Quick, go gather up all the over-the-counter [OTC] pills you ever bought that promised you there were going to




In case you are part of the 1.02579% of the population that has never purchased a fat-burning product and happen to also not live with anyone that may have done so. Here are a few examples of the pills I am talking about

fat burn2

Here is a list of ingredients from one in particular [but if you check they are all variations of the same]:

Supplement Facts. Serving Size: 2 Metacaps. Servings Per Container: 28. Proprietary Blend, 866 Mg. Containing, % Daily Value:++ Blood Orange (Fruit) Extract, +. Sweet Orange (Fruit) Extract,+. Bitter Orange (Fruit) Extract, +. Grapefruit (Fruit) Extract, +. Guarana (Fruit) Extract – Standardized To 12% Caffeine, +. Coffee (Bean) Extract – Standardized To 70% Natural Caffeine, +. Alpha Lipoic Acid, +. Kola Nut (Seed) Extract – Standardized To 12% Caffeine, +. Cocoa (Seed) Extract, +. White Willow (Bark) Extract, +. Cayenne Pepper (Fruit) Powder, +. Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Carmine, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide

Notice anything?

Of the words you see, that you recognize, do several of them look like they could fit into a category called……. Citrus Fruit?

While it is not recommended that you embark on the infamous “Grapefruit Diet” [where only grapefruits are consumed], citrus fruits are a great way to facilitate weight loss and overall wellness. Grapefruits, oranges, and lemons [just to name a few] are high in soluble fiber meaning that the molecules absorb in water and form a gel-like substance that actually clings to carbohydrates and slows down their absorption – making them ideal foods for Diabetics by reducing insulin spikes and helping the body utilize nutrients more efficiently. Grapefruits and Lemons are also very high in Collagen and the trace mineral Choline. Together these nutrients help strengthen the walls of your arteries, preserve the elasticity of your skin, and prevent fatty liver. In addition to eating the fruits whole, easily increase your intake of citrus by squeezing the juices in your water or tea and using with Olive Oil for simple infused dressings and marinades.

Other fruits AND VEGETABLES [don’t forget that Ascorbate is in vegetables too!]


ok, scroll back up, notice anything else in that list of ingredients?

Caffeine/Coffee and Cayenne Pepper?

Remember from This Morning’s Breakfast Post – where I mention the benefit of a cup of java and some hot sauce?

 It’s true.

Caffeine has several health benefits, including but not limited to [1] kicking metabolism in to gear [2] acting as a Diuretic to get rid of excess of water weight [3] sharpening your focus [4] giving energy boost for work outs [5] and according to newer studies, may even ward off Alzheimer’s.

 Quick Caffeine by the Numbers

6 oz drip coffee – 100-125 mg*

1 oz espresso – 80-100 mg

Black tea – 50mg

Green tea 30 mg

*Dark roast coffee has less caffeine than blonde roasts

Now the Cayenne Pepper.

The benefit of the Cayenne pepper lies in the phytonutrient Capsicum. You know that heat you feel when you bit into something spicy? That element that goes right to your sinuses and sometimes makes you cry? Or sweat? Or both [it’s ok no judgment here] – that’s capsicum. I love spicy food and actually recommend it when fighting off a cold – however – when capsicum is isolated into a pill form, it is very harsh on the stomach and often can act as an appetite suppressant because of the hot feeling it creates in the stomach lining. This can increase your chances of stomach ulcers long-term.  Medically-speaking, capsicum is more commonly used topically that internally. Check out this article to see some of those uses

My dear Readers, as a general rule of thumb, if something is used more commonly topically than internally, let this be a red flag at minimum to further investigate before you get  seduced by a rock-hard sexy lady on the front of a cardboard box.

Tragic to think it could be a scam, I realize. But stay with me for the take home message:

Remember taking supplements, while not EVIL, is always the second-best option. Our bodies prefer to absorb nutrients from foods themselves, as there are a lot of nutrients that work together to be effectively utilized by the body and when you isolate it in supplement form you lose out on this benefit [and almost always cost yourself more money].

SO save your money. Grab some citrus, and get healthy naturally.

‘Orange you glad you read this?

Last pun I swear….


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