DAILY PROMPT: Que Sera Sera, Siempre por Siempre

In response to another brilliant Daily Prompt from the Daily Post


Ever For Always

Siempre por Siempre

Ever find yourself someplace you never thought you would be?

Wonder how you got there?
Then wonder how to leave?

Ever find yourself in that place happy, blissfully unaware ?
Ever wonder if maybe you shouldn’t leave, then wonder if you dare?

Ever think that maybe, just maybe, there really is no plan?
Ever think that maybe it’s just plant, animal, woman, and man?

Ever doubt that it’s really all for one and one for all? Ever doubt that you will make the right decisions to answer your call?

Ever met someone who promised to hang the stars and moon?

Ever wonder if it was he who left you or you who left him – either way knowing it felt too soon?

At last, I have more questions than answers.
This I know:
The only way I know to love is with my whole heart
I know not what it means to only give a part.
I feel no shame in crying
I will always work my hardest, or die trying.
My name is Miss Fit.
And I’m more afraid of not Living than I am of Dying.

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