At-ten-tion! At Ease, Miss Fits


If I told you that there was a structure in your body that every single vital and non-vital organ has attachments to – –

A structure that houses 90 % of the nerves controlling bodily function – – 

A structure that when properly maintained wins you brownies points for both your physiological and aesthetic appeal…would you believe me that  95 % of people abuse this structure on a daily basis simply by living life mildly unaware?


Today, I want to expand a bit on the Recent Article I wrote on trigger points and address a particular stress you put on your body each day – poor posture.
In case you had not already guessed, that “structure” mentioned above is none other than the Spine. That beautiful “S” shaped backbone, specially designed for shock-absorption of the bi-ped Homo-Sapien Sapien. That’s you, Reader.

Let’s be honest – – Life is hard enough, NO one wants to shrink as they get older – let alone look like Quasimodo as they do. Whether you are 14 or 84, Posture is important. Simply standing up straight, shoulders back, chin slightly angled, can help you appear taller, thinner, and more confident. A pictures to help illustrate me point:

It's all about the posture, don't let the cape fool you...

It’s all about the posture, don’t let the  cape fool you…

Again, the cape is only for effect.

Again, the cape is only for effect.


Whereas poor posture, typically characterized by someone who slouches or slumps, can really do a number on your body as it stresses and strains a variety of muscles and joints, compresses blood muscles, and makes you appear shy, unmotivated, and even unprofessional. With as much time as we spend in front of our tv’s, laptops, notebooks, and cell phones, it is more important than ever to take inventory of how you are doing with posture.

Again some examples for my visual folks out there:


Keep in mind, every inch forward or down [towards that screen] your head goes creates 10 lbs of pressure on your neck [and is a big contributor to those headaches and lower back pain you’ve been having].



I recommend going hands free whenever possible at work and at home – cradling a telephone in between your shoulder and ear actually compresses blood vessels and will irritate nerves over time to the point where you may feel tingling.

Lastly, I know we can’t always reduce our quote Emotional Baggage, but do try to limit the actual baggage you carry around on a daily basis. According to the American Chiropractic Association, we should carry no more than 10% of our body weight throughout the day [i.e. 15 lbs of baggage for someone weighing 150 lbs].

SO, Ladies [and gentleman], downsize that purse [or man satchel], possibly opt for a backpack style that evenly distributes weight on both shoulders, or get a rolling briefcases for all those files you lug around for work.

After all, the Circle of Life doesn’t have to look like this: posture2


Let Miss Fit know what you think!

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