Reward Yourself the Right Way

Reward Yourself the Right Way

What’s that saying? “The only things for certain in Life are Death and Taxes?”

Ugh. Not exactly a pep talk.

Who do I talk to about that…?

Well, regardless, let’s be honest…there is a third certainty in Life [some of us may like to tip our hats to Adam and Eve for this one]: Work.

I mean there’s that Monday through Friday work we do that we “sort” of get paid for – enough to prevent another serf uprising [although there are days…]

And then there’s the work that you don’t get paid to do – *cue the never ending Chore List complete with the items that you absolutely have to get accomplished [no, you cannot save that for little Timmy’s school project – the Science Fair is still a solid 5 months away]…

Let’s not forget the…um… how do you say, JOYS of marriage, parenthood and general interpersonal relationships. Those all require time, attention, and energy that you may or may not feel you have left after all that work we just mentioned.

With our reserves so spent – how could be possibly have enough energy left to devote to the willpower one must have to say, “No” to those two fine men in our lives, Ben and Jerry…?

Ice cream. Just one of the many “food rewards” media and culture has sensationalized as an item “you’ve earned.” Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with ice cream – did you look at that nutrition label [hopefully…] only like 150 cals! Hey! That’s not bad! Did you check the serving size though? A half cup. A half cup! I honest to god believe it takes more will power to only eat a half cup than to just not buy it altogether… Plus, might I add that the sugar rush you get from indulging in sweet food rewards [similar to the carb coma you get from starchy food rewards and the sluggish-I-want-to-nap-now effect from high fat food rewards] leaves you with LESS energy than before you “treated” yourself.

Cue Epic Fail.

You do work hard – and so does your body. You both deserve to be rewarded for said hard work.

Depending on your unique set of circumstances, there are some rewards that make more sense than others. Feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to provide some recommendations for you!

In case you need a general yardstick… it’s very, very, difficult to go wrong with a nice warm bath [complete with lavender oil and Epsom salts to relax muscles that hopefully you have exercised today…], some candles for ambiance [whether you are solo or not…], and a nice red wine [complete with Resveratrol, known for its ability to block lipid accumulation in fat cells and activate the breakdown of already present fat cells – um YES PLEASE]. And, guys, don’t hate on the bath. Be comfortable in your masculinity to bathe in bubbles. It’s actually dead sexy.

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