Top 10 PHAT Myth Busters

Inspired by that amazingly, nerdy Discovery Channel show Myth Busters, I bring you the Top 10 PHAT Myth Busters.

Based on feedback i have gotten on my Twitter Feed @ Ms_Fit4Life here they are.

Make your voice with a quick poll at the bottom.

And if you have one to add, I would be happy to feature it. The more we expose the falsities, the more we can equip ourselves with the tools we need to meet our goals and Lighten Up !


  1. The majority of calories people say they “regret” eating are consumed between the hours of 11pm and 4am. Shockingly, alcohol is usually involved.
  2. The Diet Coke Doesn’t make the Big Mac okay
  3. Eating Low-Fat, calorie-free alternatives does NOT guarantee you will lose weight. It does however guarantee you’ll consume chemicals
  4. A skipped meal doesn’t “save” calories in the Bank-Up-For-Cake-Later way you intend; it wrecks metabolism and stores fat
  5. “Organic”, “Whole-grain”, “Raw” doesn’t mean eat as much as want. Excess “healthy” calories still contribute to weight gain
  6. Protein is best utilized by the body within 30 mins AFTER a workout. When consumed beforehand it can increase fatigue and cramping
  7. Allergen families could have you facing chronic inflammation and reduce your success at reach fitness goals. Get tested at your dermatologist and know what to looks for
  8. Looking to burn fat? Skip the over-priced gimmicky pills and go natural with citrus fruits; 90% of fat burning pills are compounds easily found in citrus fruits
  9. Food description impacts smell, taste, &cravings. Stop referring to that donut as “oozing sex appeal “& you’ll want it less
  10. Looking for an excuse for a few vices? New research shows dark chocolate and red wine work together to produce maximum benefits. Having both is better than just one.



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