Flexible is the New Black

In response to the recent Daily Prompt:

  1. A medium exercise ballblue-exercise-ball1
  2. A self-cleaning Yoga Mat

    The Self-cleaning part is in the works... I have a voicemail in to NASA. I remain hopeful

    The Self-cleaning part is in the works… I have a voicemail in to NASA. I remain hopeful

  3. A laptop [for music of my choice]


SO…. I’m sure this is not a surprising list coming from Miss Fit…

But, hear me out –

Currently I do a self-developed version of Strength Training Yoga [STY].

It’s wonderfully effective for toning muscle and building flexibility. Let’s face it – when you live in Phoenix , AZ  swim suit season is YEAR ROUND  so the toned muscles and flexibility also seem to always be  “in-season”.


Flexibility ?

What does that have to do with swim suit season?

I mean – dont- you -you-er—— um— don’t you— no, nope, definitely not.

Wow I almost got myself into trouble there…

Just know this – —  There are lots of ways to burn calories  – – and some things when done in the heat of summer…well let’s just say it’s a time of year when you sweat more doing um…cardio-vascular workouts…and well sweating is essentially detox for your skin and that just HAS GOT  to be healthy.



Flexible is the new Black

Further questions should be addressed with your significant other. And all exercise regiments should be discussed with your physician first – most specifically the good looking, single ones.


In case you thought I wasn’t coming back to my point [valid concern] I will say that whomever came up with this Daily Prompt is most certainly clairvoyant as I was just saying to myself today that I need more space in my house. Currently the room that I practice said STY in is what I like to call a combo-suite…It is the 10×10 cube that is home to my roommate and I’s entire life supply of books, office paraphernalia, and free weights.

Oh- and there is also a small closet.

Which has a missing door.

But only one missing door.

And not so much missing as transplanted to our garage by [yours Truly]  20140531_214809   in a [small] fit of super-human-strength-rage when it came of its sliding track for the 87th time.


I meditate.


I have situational anger issues.

Apparently doors repeatedly coming of their tracks is one of them.

Clutter and filth may also be triggers for me…


Which is why, if I had my druthers, my very special room would be for STY.

To take the place of the current pig-STY I practice in.

Curious to know more about STY? I would be happy to share some of the basics with you! Send a quick email to write.with.ms@gmail.com and let me know of your interest .




9 thoughts on “Flexible is the New Black

      • MissFit says:

        There may be videos. I would be happy to explain further to you. It’s very simple just grab some light weights maybe 2 or 3 lbs and incorporate them with standard yoga moves and use body for resistance. I will get some videos posted for you this week !


      • jlastevens says:

        That would be awesome! thanks 🙂

        I’ve wanted to try Yoga but don’t have the guts to do it at the gym. I don’t think I have the strength or flexibility or balance .


      • MissFit says:

        THe great thing is that you can start super simple and still get so many benefits! I will post Friday evening most likely. Stay tuned! It’s hard because i don’t have anyone here to help take pics so i need to get creative on how i do that . But worst case scenario i will google pics that come close . I wish you lived closer so I could show you in person . But seriously it’s way easier than you think get excited !!


      • MissFit says:

        Hey! so sorry i didnt get the pics posted. I got super sick on tuesday and am still not up to par. i havent forgotten though and will do it in the next few days when i am feeling better. I hope you are well 🙂


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