In Case Boo Radley Was a Vegan

Hello there! As promised, in my recent To Kill A Mockingbird reference post [no mockingbirds were harmed in the creation of this post], here are the grilling recipes!

Now, since I spent that last post more or less devoted to meat and meat-eating persons, I am going to post a “tribute” if you will to my raw eating Vegan friends out there in the blogosphere

Allow me to share with you a few Grilled Vegetable recipes:


Bell Peppers


After cleaning, Brush each pepper with 2 tsp of olive or truffle oil to taste

Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese * optional

Cut** the four sides, or “faces”, from the pepper and grill each for 3-5 minute per side

**Note, it is up to you if you cut the peppers or not. Feel free to leave them whole or even slice into more narrow segments, fajita style.


grilled zuccini

After cleaning, Brush each zucchini/eggplant with 2 tsp of olive or truffle oil to taste

Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese * optional

Cut in to long spears or round discs about 1/4 inch thick and place on grill for 2-3 mins per side




**NOTE** Sorry Vegan readers, I had to sneak in one more Carnivorous possibility…

After cleaning, Brush each spear with 1 tsp of olive or truffle oil to taste

Sprinkle with lemon juice, sea salt, and Parmesan cheese * optional ; bacon **doubly optional.

Feel free to skewer longitudinally to help keep the spears from slipping through the cracks.

Keep in mind, grilling times vary significantly with thickness of spears – – -really thin spears could be done in as little as 2 mins; thicker spears could take up to 8 mins

Sweet Potatoes

sweet pots grilled

After thoroughly cleaning the skin [leave skins on, that’s where the nutrients are!], Brush each spud with 2 tsp of olive or truffle oil to taste

Sprinkle with sea salt and nutmeg * optional

Lots of versatility here: you can cut in to quarterly spears, thin spears [fry style], or rounds [chip style].

Depending on how you cut them the grill time will vary. Aim for tender in the fleshy part when tested with a toothpick

Feel free to pre-cook in the microwave before-hand – then the grill is more for aesthetic purposes and that extra crunch, but it’s already largely cooked


That’s right. Corn on the cob – 4 ways.

Let’s make the Pilgrims proud, people.


First and foremost, if you want great corn on the cob, it all starts with the pre-soak:

1. Peel back the husks and silk [but don’t totally remove]

2. Soak the cobs in cold water for 20 mins

3. Add ingredients to corn [see below for options]

4. Place on grill over medium heat for 10-15 mins, turning every 5 mins until the kernels are tender and brown spots begin to appears

5. Remove from heat and let cool before biting into

OPTION #1: Maize Mexicano

Brush with olive oil and squeeze fresh lime juice on

Sprinkle with chili powder and cayenne pepper

OPTION #2 Maize Italiano

Brush with olive oil based basil pesto

Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and garlic powder

OPTION #3 Maize Non -Vegano a.k. Maize Bacono

Wrap cob in lean, nitrate free bacon

Last but not least, now that we’ve covered the Meat and Veggies, let’s talk BEER. Depending on which combination of meats and veggies you decide to host, you will want to stock the coolers with particular brews. Normally I wouldn’t advocate for the empty calories of beverages, but, a good craft beer has high levels of trace minerals that help keep calcium from leeching out of bones. Just don’t imbibe too much: stick to no more than 24 oz at your party. Beyond that the health risks outweigh the benefits. And for the record, there are virtually no health benefits to the Hard Ciders, Hard lemonades, and wine cooler-type drinks. They are glorified soft drinks that you end up wasting hundreds of calories on.

brooklynbeers2PORTER – if you are grilling a thick steak, compliment it with the caramel, chocolate, and coffee notes of a craft Porter beer

SAISON – if you are going all Vegan, compliment it with the spicy, floral, and agave-like notes of a craft Saison

AMERICAN WHEAT – if you are serving up some seafood on the grill, compliment it with the earthy, yet floral notes of a good ‘ol ‘Merica Wheat craft brew

AMERICAN PALE ALE –  from lean chicken to bison burgers, this versatile brew compliments the whole spectrum with it’s classic, citrus goodness

AMBER ALE/LAGER – another Vegan favorite, this sweeter-side brew pairs wonderfully with the caramelized nature of grilled vegetables

Keep in mind, the darker the beer, the more calories it is going to have.

Per 12 oz can most beers range from 95 to 300 calories

Let Miss Fit know what you think!

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