Ignorance is Bliss… Stupidity Kills.



Listen, MissFits,Will Power is one thing. Free Will is another.

But where do you stand on the age -old debate between Ignorance and Stupidity?

Ignorance – by definition – refers to knowledge that is unknown to an individual that may be correlated to poor decision making.

For instance, if the only person with a big belly a toddler has seen is his mommy when she was pregnant with his baby brother, then he may ignorantly say “Look Mom, a pregnant lady!” when he encounters a large woman at Walmart.

It’s cute [maybe] coming from a kid… but let’s suppose that a teenager with 18 yrs of community know-how, a young posse, and voting priviledges passes the same large person at Walmart and makes the same comment…

The teenager is considered stupid because he should know better but the young toddler is considered ignorant because he has not yet had enough experiences to make a proper prognosis of the situation. The toddler doesn’t know what the word prognosis means, but that’s neither here nor there .

Please note, the above is merely a metaphorical example. It does not exhibit any real correlation between Walmart and obesity… for obvious reasons, Miss Fit pleads the fifth on the true relationship between Walmart and persons mistaken for pregnant women.

Moving along, the Bliss Point.

As you know, The food industry is a multi- billion dollar industry.

But did you know that there are actual food scientists whose sole job is to find the exact combination of sugar, salt, and fat that tickle your brain’s G Spot?

True story.

And it feels SO Good.

Or does it?

We have been made to believe that things like Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease, are “just how it is”.

Not the case.

Billions of dollars are spent on treating these [avoidable] diseases annually. So much so that even though the Healthcare budget is tremendous, it will be all but dried up by 2030 if we keep going at the rate we are.

Don’t be that guy.

Educate yourself.

The two videos below are excellent visual aids to demonstrate the points.


The food industry is a business. A sales business. Sugar is one of the main greasy cars salesman.

You like to think you can outsmart this guy right?



Now that you have watched these… you can’t say you didn’t know…

Ignorance is Bliss

But Stupidity Kills [and costs tax payers dollars; don’t be that guy]


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