Within every Comedy is a Tragedy: A Shakespearean Musing on the Late Robin Williams


I once read that Comedians are some of the darkest people you will ever meet…

That their quick wit and caustic jest are grounded in cynicism deep-rooted in depression and nihilism.

Does Laughter – the proverbial Best Medicine – in fact operate on a bell curve?

Can it become like a drug?

An addiction?
After all, the majority of people begin their addiction as an element to control their emotions

Possibly heighten them

Possibly suppress

But the name of the game is that they get to control that

They put whatever drug in their body that gives the desired effect.

And the drug…unlike people…is predictable:
The High is malleable

Input = Output.

That’s the draw of addiction

But people?

People…people are another story all together.
People hurt for reasons and in scenarios that are not fixed

Not linear

Not logical

Not expected.

Emotions to the sober person are subject to others’ whims…their Actions



This is not often appealing.

Not for people who don’t like other people
and certainly not for people who DO like control.

And so the addiction begins.

Fast forward as we all know the addiction now controls the person

The person LOST the very element they wrecked themselves to attain.

What gives?

Why not throw in the towel and call it quits?

Well of course there is the physical addiction element – that autonomic response that involves the pleasure center of the brain and habitual response.


there is something else.

Something equally if not greater in power

The emotional relationship with the drug.

Do you know why most addiction programs don’t work?

Because they preach “replace the habit” philosophy.

And – like most “diets” – this is a one dimensional approach.

That FAILS epically in addressing someone’s relationship with their addiction

The drugs,

The food,

The self-loathing,

The fear…whatever your vice, whatever started as your “Savior” that NOW holds you captive…

There was a time when it was faceless and predictable, wasn’t there?

And that made it safe.

Never mind the destruction it did   – it was emotionally safer than the alternative.

When someone wants to die.

They wish to cease existing.

Plain and simple.

They do not truly wish to hurt themselves or anyone else.

The whole reason they want to stop existing is because of pain.

They do not desire more.

They desire an end to it.

Like everyone, we overestimate our ability to predict people and outcomes


The Fear, the drugs, the laughter, it keeps us safe.

Or does it?


Is breathing while dead inside better or worse than not being here at all?

As long as the temporary withdrawal remains less painful than the abstinence, the addict in us will prevail

And when Death finds him, not even Death will recognize him.

For he will be just another face in the crowd.

Who bowed to circumstance and traded in his mirror for a mask.

 ~Miss Fit

Comedy and Tragedy by monica-dorkface

Comedy and Tragedy by monica-dorkface

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