The Daily Post on Overload

Feeling the need to shake a little poetry into the Blogosphere on this Daily Post prompt

Simply put, the Challenge was this: “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein
Do you agree?


care of

care of

Our World, so fast-paced

With the 3G, 4G, and telecom interlaced.

Our Children are learning how to love more things, but understanding less how to Love

Caught in the hustle and bustle, the traffic-jam mess,

We work more and Live less.

To turn off the noise, to shut it all out,

One must cease to rush, to pass, to shout.

But How

What with the Social Menagerie and All.

The Twittering-Tumblring-YouTubing

Linked-In to the Facebooking-Instagramming-Pintrest

Of which

Of course

You must express interest.

Let’s not forget the pull of Reality TV

You know, those people, whom we all apparently wish we could be?

But wait

Have you seen them?

Their self-absorbed consumption and over the top looks –

Just what, exactly, do you believe

Is their track record with books?

Do we even care anymore? Have we got a clue?

About education? And family?

You know those things we supposedly value…

It’s amazing how quick we are to complain

About Government, inflation, and the rain

It’s easy to hide behind the many screens

Amidst the sound bites, the live feeds, the constant information streams

We “Like” and “Pin” and “Share”

But do we really know what it means?


Lie Down.

Not to Sleep. Just to Wonder.

Open your mind’s eye to the years gone by.

Breathe Deep.

Drink it all in.


We are who we are now because of where we’ve been.

Slow Down.

Body and Mind

Feel yourself removed from the daily Grind.

Shut off the peripheral sounds.




Until the last floorboard has creaked

And the nightingale’s song is done


Do one thing everyday to reclaim your sanity

And you just might find

That in these simple acts

We shall reclaim Humanity.


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