Father Time’s One Night Stand


As I often like to do on a Sunday, I’ve been catching up with you all here on the WordPress Blogosphere. Blogiverse [?] Blogworld [?] Well, you know this vapid space we call the Internet that we fill with wondrous thing…

Call it what you will; I have seen so many posts recently about “Time”.

Even the The Daily Post prompt is about Time!

Whether it’s “that Time of Year”, “never enough Time”, “Time to get moving”, “Time to stop”, “about Time to celebrate”, or a myriad of other musings on this elusive element, Time is of great interest to Miss Fit. So much so that it makes her speak in the third person.


Well because the third person is fantastic [says Miss Fit]. No, I know, you meant why do I find Time so interesting…?

As a Nutritional Consultant, all other things being equal [i.e. financial situation, religious preference, gender, age, skill level, goals, needs, wants] the #1 reason reported when I ask my clients why it is they think they are not where they want to be in life the answer is always related to a seeming lack of this thing we call ‘Time’.

There is never enough of it.


Never. Ever.

For all of Time, there has never, nor will ever be enough of it for most people.

Not to mention, it is the one thing that, no matter how much money you have, you can’t physically buy more of.

If you are following me on this, you should be asking, “Now, wait, Miss Fit… You are supposed to be smart… I’m supposed to be reading your blog because your judgment is sound and good…And you just told me that the #1 reason people aren’t where they need to be is because there is not enough Time, and you ALSO just told me that no matter what, you can’t get more Time…SO…um, Miss Fit, you have set your business up for failure then because you cannot provide the missing link – no one can.. ?”



This blog will self-destruct in




care of clipartbest.com

care of clipartbest.com


You still here?

OH thank god.

Ok, TIME to get down to business.

You all may remember an earlier post of mine in which I discussed the difference between “spending time” and “investing time”.

All of the information in that post still holds, this is merely an addendum. It is one thing to learn to select the proper ways to use one’s Time, but one must still have Time to do this.

I digress.

And continue with an anecdote.

I give you the beautiful, sexy, Gumby

care of officeplayground.com

care of officeplayground.com

and her distinguished beau, Father Time

care of talksense.weebly.com

care of talksense.weebly.com

Now, for the purposes of this story, we are operating under an Adam and Eve [not Steve] story structure. This is not because I wish to make a political [or emotional] statement about sexual preference, but rather because I don’t have Time to think up of characters that would pose as the surrogate mother, the sperm-donor, and/or the in-vitro petri dish.

Gumby, with all of her flexibility can bend and sway and move about as she pleases. Definitely a score for Father Time.

Father Time, with his constant, unchanging, predictable behavior, makes for a solid procreation candidate.

A chance encounter.

A few batted eyelashes and bottles of Shiraz later, and magic happens.

Nine months later.

I present to you – Anita Moore Time.

[image unavailable; this is a fictitious story with largely fictitious characters, but, ironically, meant very much for Reality]

The one and only love child of Gumby and Father Time.

As she grows up, she is highly sought after by all human creatures, for her existence represents the progeny of Time, lending to the belief that there is a way to create Time.

There was but one way she came into being then, and there is but one way she can replicate herself in the lives of those who seek her – the secret power? Her mother’s genes of flexibility and bending.

You see, in order to get more Time, we must learn how to bend and flex that Time which we already have – – very similarly to the issue of World Hunger – it is not a lack of food, but rather a poor distribution of food that causes so many to starve. So, too, is it with Time.

Do you notice how excited people you know get for this time of year [in the States] when we get to “Fall Back” our clocks and it’s this incredible feeling of gaining an hour of life?

Did you actually get a 25th hour in the day?

Do any of us, really?

No, of course not. There are still 24 hrs in the day, but as a society we re-structure the time to synchronize our days better.

Now, interestingly, Miss Fit lives in Phoenix, AZ, the only city in the nation that does not participate in said Time Change practices. No “Spring-ing forward”, no “Fall-ing back”, just the same ‘ol Time, all the Time.

Now theoretically, this should not impact me [or my fellow Phoenicians] at all. I mean we just got done saying that those “Fall-backers” don’t really get more Time, so why does it sort of feel like a jip?

Well, quite frankly, it’s because we LOVE FREE STUFF. And the older we get, the harder we work, and it usually feels like your earnings go to everyone and everything but you. This dichotomy creates a scarcity trigger inside of us that makes us both (a) secretly not like sharing no matter what we learned in Kindergarten because let’s face it, it’s NOT just the crayons people want when you are an adult… (b) really, really, really love having control over things.

As a Consultant dealing with the inner working of unique people’s mind and bodies, I rarely IF EVER, will speak in absolutes.

But, this warrants it – NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE.

Absolutely nothing.

Everything comes at a cost of some kind. Some literal or proverbial price to pay.

The key to “finding Time” to do the things you really want to do is not about searching for another love child of Father Time, it’s about gaining Awareness of the following:

  1. You as a person are given 24 hrs each day to do with what you please
  2. Two-thirds of that time [on average] is inherently given away to some ratio of Sleep + Work. This is because in order for us to have other 24 hrs [i.e. not die] we must rest our bodies and also earn an income to purchase food to fuel our bodies
  3. The remaining one-third of your day IS YOURS
  4. This remaining 8 hrs is not, nor will rarely ever be, a sequential 8 hrs; SEEK IT OUT, for it is hidden
  5. Find it hiding in the binge-watch of that one TV show; find it in your compulsive Facebook© stalking of people you would never talk to in person; find it in the energy spent staying mad at someone who wronged you; find it in the co-worker Happy Hour that you really couldn’t afford to go to, but did; find it under the covers of the hangover of the next morning



Find it, it’s there.

This holiday season, and always, decide what you want most, and realize that every moment has the potential to be a step toward or a step away from what you want. If you don’t claim that, someone else will.

~Miss Fit










What do exercise, veggies, and writing have in common?

And this is why we are here Misfits – spread the word!

The Daily Post

Part of the mission that drives The Daily Post is to provide encouragement and inspiration to people who want to be more active writers, bloggers, and creators. We often provide tips on how to write or prompts on what to write, but today, let’s talk about why to write.

Science stands firmly in support of what many of us intuitively know: writing is good for you.

Studies have shown that just the act of putting words together to express yourself leads to several physical and mental health benefits, including:

  • Improved mood and sense of well-being
  • Decreased stress and anxiety levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better memory and sleep

Writing has been shown to boost immune responses, speed post-surgical healing, and help cancer patients cope with their diagnosis and treatment. Writing has also been linked to improvements in managing chronic conditions such as asthma and arthritis.

A note about privacy: If you prefer to…

View original post 350 more words

Why Saturdays and People Make Us Grateful

Happy Saturday Readers.

Saturday is a special day to a lot of us stereo-typical 9-5 working class people.

After all, it is the first full day of the week we did not have to step into a scene from Office Space

care of boss-behavior.com

care of boss-behavior.com

And it is the last day of the week we can rest our head on our pillow and know that we need not step into said scene tomorrow either.

That’s it, one day. That’s all us little peon humans get.

And some of us don’t even get that. Because we have 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet.

These are the thoughts that occurred to me as I read the most recent Daily Post.

This post [in case you are adverse to clicking links] essentially prompts the writer to discuss the “best present ever received” – of course something not store/sweatshop-made was encouraged.

As usually with these prompts, I am driven to poetry. Hard and fast.

Please enjoy, and remember to appreciate those special people in your life.



How can it be so easy to forget the Joy?

How can it be so easy to forget the Fun?



There is little else like it

That familiar Presence of

Another one

I am One

You are One

Different but the Same


I hear you



That’s it?

We’re Done?

I’m not asking to replace your One

Just to realize I am here too

And I’ve loved you.




We push so hard to stand our Ground


Wandering the Wilderness

Those scandals of our Pasts

Those terrors of our Minds




To what avail?

Did we not once ask about the Lone Tree and whether or not it makes a sound?


How can it be so easy to forget the Joy?

How can it be so easy to forget the Fun?



There is little else like it

That familiar Presence of

Another one

We’ve known the answers for all of Time

Of this I am sure

But, listen

I wish to tell you what Life’s been like without You: A Blur

A White



Of Pain

Of Fury

I’m sorry, sir, I can’t give you the details

As I mentioned…

It’s all becoming blurry

I know You are out there

My quest is never done

How could it?



It is not so easy to forget the Joy

It is not so easy to forget the Fun

There is little else like it

That familiar Presence of

Another one


A Pressing of Time

Once again I find myself at the heels of poetry for the Daily Prompt
Click the link for full details.
2014-10-26 12.52.45

A Pressing of Time

Our time
Is coming to a close so quickly
I feel desperate to get through to you

This sensing of urgency

This pressing of time

I can’t seem to shake it from my mind.

What makes a month?

A week
A day

But the seconds

Those that pass with you

Those that pass with out

I’m feeling frustrated

I’m feeling stuck

Those seconds that pass

In your absence

Don’t feel worth very much
What is the ‘ pressing of time ‘ ?
It almost sounds hopeful
As if
If I squeeze Time tight enough
I can fit more into the tiny spaces of my World
Our time
Is coming to a close so quickly
I feel desperate to get through to you

This sensing of urgency

This pressing of time
I can’t seem to shake it from my mind.

Indeed my fellow Mis[ter] Fits, Life is too short to miss.
Be cognizant of your actions and recognize that Time, like the Ocean, must be respected for the power it holds.
For better or worse, Time cannot be pressed, pulled, elongated, twisted, or turned.
It is the finite “show” that must go on.
It waits for no one but yields to those who harness it.
Stay Well,

Defining ‘Minimalist’

Thanks to the Daily Post for creating another brilliant prompt. See Friday’s Photo challenge Here

“An artfully executed minimalist photograph is anything but mundane. It illustrates a moment in time, or an artistic perspective, with simplicity and grace.”


In this Age of Constant Entertainment and Consumerism, it can be difficult to slow down long enough to think about anything let alone thinking of having, doing, or being LESS.

And isn’t that what we are told a Minimalist is?

For a while now, the term “Minimalist” seems to be used in conjunction with the fan-fare of ‘Going Green’, being vegan, reducing you ‘Carbon Footprint’, doing hot yoga, and living off the grid.

None of which I am going to pass judgement on, right now anyways.

The point is, being Minimalist doesn’t have to mean foregoing things you like and enjoy. You don’t have to join a convent,  swear off cursing [pun intended], and eat only root vegetables. Unless of course you want to.

Adopting a Minimalist attitude can [and should, by definition] be Simple.

Cut the crap, loss the excess, stop and take inventory of how you spend your time and with whom spend it.

Most importantly, recognize that being a Minimalist can simply mean that you see your place in this World. You understand how small, how minimal – yet poignant- you are. You understand that both you and this world are fragile and must be taken care of together. You choose to live in awe of this fact – instead of seeing it as a threat to your personal desires and whims.


Who Will Get the Last Laugh?

“Mental Health Care in most of this country is a bitter joke”.

A direct quote from an article in the December 2014 Psychology Today periodical.



OK, lets get started with the obvious – the poor quality of the field is a topic of much discussion and much disappointment. Many problems exist, to be sure; but not all these problems are going to be solved by a fancy new subsidized program [to many peoples’ chagrin].

Let’s take a look at one of the often overlooked cancers of the field – its weak infrastructure.  Most notably, employee retention. Employee retention in the Mental Health field is chronically low; seniority is a shocking two years.
I have sat and listened as my clients receiving services in both in-patient and out-patient settings commented daily on how the roll-over of case managers, social workers, and psychiatrists is – for the lack of a better way of putting it – maddening . For a population of people who are battling daily with a turbulent mind, the one thing the Mental Health field should be able to offer is Stability.
But it cannot.
NO one views social services as a career. It is a “job”. A low-paying-I-could-make-more-waiting-tables-job.
The term “burn out” is discussed in the New Hire Training.
Staff to client ratios are notoriously “off” to put it nicely, which does neither party any good. The staff desperately try to keep up with documentation while remaining present in the moment with their clients. Meanwhile, thoughts of not making productivity quotas and glances at the clock as the minutes whoosh away before they must, inevitably, be on the other side of town tending to the all-too-frequent Crisis Call, cripple staff ability for positive and lasting intervention with those struggling.
Among other things, a day in the life of a Mental Health worker is filled with assisting someone into a Detox program, calling CPS, watching children taken from the home, de-escalating homicidal and suicidal ideations, teaching coping skills to trauma victims, and conducting safety checks in residences to reduce accidental death by fire or the like.
At the end of a two week cycle of these days, there is a direct deposit that barely covers the bills [the average mental health case manager makes $17.00/hr WITH a Master’s degree and $15.00 with a Bachelor’s and some experience].
And, after the end of a year of these two week cycles, there are no Holiday bonuses to look forward to and no merit-based raises. Sometimes managers don’t even have time to do annual evaluations – and – what’s the point – whether you do well or not, it doesn’t impact your pay.
With financial incentives long-extinct in this field, it must rely on the do-gooders heart and soul to prevail day after day. And for a lot of folks, it does, up to a point. For I have seen even the strongest flame of altruism fade under these working conditions, watching as the Helpers become those needing Help.  In those moments, consider asking – if the people in the positions to allocate more money in this field had worked in the field themselves, and experienced firsthand not only the infamous ‘burnout’ but also witnessed firsthand the gross waste of resources [programs gone unused, activities and groups never attended, taxi cab services wantonly turned away – all of which sound great on paper to lobbyists and laypeople but in fact waste millions each year] …maybe, just maybe, they would wake up and realize that the money would be better spent if allocated towards the existing employees who pour themselves in to the lives of others every day and worked to re-ignite a spirit of retention and respect in the field that has long since gone by the wayside and in fact become the “bitter joke” so aptly referenced.

Once we conquer that, we should probably look at addressing the wanton misuse of diagnoses for unnecessary services, the over-medicated clientele, and the fact that in our efforts to de-stigmatize the mentally ill, we have created a sub-culture of dependency and labels…


Question everything my fellow Mis[ter]fits,

As always, I welcome comments: scathing, supportive, or otherwise,

Leave your thoughts below or email direct at write.with.ms@gmail.com

Until Next Time,

Miss Fit