Defining ‘Minimalist’

Thanks to the Daily Post for creating another brilliant prompt. See Friday’s Photo challenge Here

“An artfully executed minimalist photograph is anything but mundane. It illustrates a moment in time, or an artistic perspective, with simplicity and grace.”


In this Age of Constant Entertainment and Consumerism, it can be difficult to slow down long enough to think about anything let alone thinking of having, doing, or being LESS.

And isn’t that what we are told a Minimalist is?

For a while now, the term “Minimalist” seems to be used in conjunction with the fan-fare of ‘Going Green’, being vegan, reducing you ‘Carbon Footprint’, doing hot yoga, and living off the grid.

None of which I am going to pass judgement on, right now anyways.

The point is, being Minimalist doesn’t have to mean foregoing things you like and enjoy. You don’t have to join a convent,  swear off cursing [pun intended], and eat only root vegetables. Unless of course you want to.

Adopting a Minimalist attitude can [and should, by definition] be Simple.

Cut the crap, loss the excess, stop and take inventory of how you spend your time and with whom spend it.

Most importantly, recognize that being a Minimalist can simply mean that you see your place in this World. You understand how small, how minimal – yet poignant- you are. You understand that both you and this world are fragile and must be taken care of together. You choose to live in awe of this fact – instead of seeing it as a threat to your personal desires and whims.


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