“Make it Happen” – Start off the business week with positive reinforcements, tips and tricks for helping yourself be successful in work, wellness, and wealth.

courtesy of sciencenordic.com

courtesy of sciencenordic.com

Working out with someone of a slightly higher fitness level can motivate you to perform longer and harder.

Similarly, for those who have trouble coordinating – even just asking a friend or loved one to be an accountability partner and check in daily by text or email has been shown to increase persistence [and success!] with eating healthy and staying active by up to 55%.


On the other hand, the biggest time period of weight gain for most adults [post-college] is shown to be (1) starting a new job (2) casual dating.

care of boss-behavior.com

care of boss-behavior.com

The reason is because both scenarios put you in situations where you are more likely to eat out in restaurants and consume alcohol to connect with people and socially “normalize”.

Be aware of this and strive to surround yourself with people who are supportive or at least understand your healthy lifestyle so you don’t succumb to unnecessary weight added by peer pressure to those daily lunches/dates you couldn’t afford anyways.

NOW…Make it Happen this Monday!


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