“Work it Out” – Get over that mid-week hump with the added gusto of a new work out move. Some moves may be borrowed from the Kama Sutra. Possibly.


It is very easy to injure ligaments and bands that hold muscles in place if they aren’t properly warmed up and, subsequently, kept warm for a period after the workout.

This can be a challenge during the winter months when long periods of time may be spent outdoors or large jumps in temperature from the steamy gym to the tundra outside.

In light of this, MissFit is featuring the Shin Stack for the Work it Out move of the month this Wednesday.

c/o pinterest.com

c/o pinterest.com

[The pose is also known as the “Double Pigeon to Yogis].

It is the #1 way to stretch iliobands and open up hip flexors in a safe, effective manner – – which is essential for anyone looking to improve on flexibility, posture, endurance, and hip-gyrating dance moves.

To the greatest extent you are able, mimic the picture above.

Hold for a minimum of 10 seconds and then switch leg positions so that the opposite leg is underneath.

As you get more comfortable in the position, focus on leaning your torso forward for a deep stretch and work your way up to holding for a full 60 seconds. For an added challenge, point your toes.

**Important** remember to inhale/exhale breathe during this exercise and keep your neck at a 90 degree angle with your body or simply let it to hang comfortably with chin towards chest. This will help prevent unnecessary neck strain during this exercise.

Enjoy your Wednesday Work out!

Stay Well,




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