Get Java Fix + Help Migrant Farmers = Truly Sustainable Idea

Happy Tuesdays Misfits!

It’s a Tuesday, and even thought it’s no longer the Week of Wellness [W.O.W.], this Video is going to be Trending before next month and I want to make sure you all see it first.

Thank god that not everyone is sitting at home watching reality TV; some people are still brainstorming how to improve our world.

Coffee, as we have heard [and MissFit has validated], does wonders for maintaining the integrity of your Cardiovascular system and your brain cells when consumed daily  in 10-30 oz installments. The actual coffee is the only part that has the benefit… the double-whip-mocha-froppah-choco-latte is not doing your body any real favors.

That being said, what if there was an element found in the coffee harvesting process that has protein, fiber, and additional minerals and antioxidants, that we could harness the production of AND is currently being chucked to the garbage as worthless…?

No other commentary needed, this Video is remarkable and speaks for itself.

Three cheers for reducing, re-using, and re-shaping how we think about our world.


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