When Fat = Fine

Just one more way media can be misleading… what exactly does this title mean?

Well, for Puerto Rico it means coughing up some serious dinero for being overweight.


Put down the ice cream and listen up…

Puerto Rico , i.e. “Rich Port”…dare I say they are rich in their portliness.

So much so as a matter of fact that Lawmakers in Puerto Rico are trying to pass legislation that will levy fines against parents whose children are identified as being obese. Once identified, the parents would have approximately six months to show improvement in their “slim-down” child[ren].


We all have heard the stats – childhood obesity is up 300% in the last 50 years. Astounding. Truly.

But is Puerto Rico going about it the right way?

Three bold-faced problems that stand out right away with this are :

1. There is not a clear indication of what matrices are being used to determine obesity. For example, the ‘notorious BMI’ calculation is not always accurate especially for children because it does not account for muscle mass or growth spurts.

2. The legislation is asking that Teachers take a large role in educating the children, but then the fines are given to parents [?]

3. There is some strong indication that poor nutrition in Puerto Rico is driven by poverty [i.e. cheap food is a staple for families; these foods are often void of necessary nutrients, so over-eating is common as the body stays hungry hoping for the nutrients it needs] – so issuing huge fines to already financially strapped families may further plague the country

What other problems do you see?

What other solutions possibly exist?

Why do you think Puerto Rico is standing up with bold [if not flawed] legislation and not America?

These are tough questions, Misfits, but they need answers.

If we don’t answer them, someone else will. And we might all find that we’ve bitten off more than we can chew.

In every sense of the word…

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Until Next Time,

Stay Well,


2 thoughts on “When Fat = Fine

  1. Sunny@PositivelyStrong says:

    Wow, I find this topic so fascinating! Good job pointing out some of the flaws to the intervention they are proposing. This summer I will be working on a research study looking at food marketing and childhood obesity, now you’ve made me interested to dig a little deeper into problems in Puerto Rico as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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