W.O.W. – FUN FACT FRIDAY 04/10/15

“Fun Fact” – Self-explanatory…


Alright, Misfits, here it is. The Fun Fact you’ve been waiting for since since I made you do your taxes Monday

Please be aware, this is an extremely brief rendition of what I am told is an extremely complex economic situation that certainly we as lay persons can’t possibly full grasp…

According to PBS sources, the bottom line is this: Income Tax is directly tied to that wonderful era in our country’s history known as Prohibition.

Prohibition, as you may recall, was that time in America circa 1920 where the government decided it was in everyone’s best interest to outlaw the manufacturing and sale of Ethanol… AKA – no more Alcohol!

The intended goal of Prohibition [or so we are told] was to increase profits for industries such as Theater, Clothing, Real Estate, Home Goods, and Restaurants as folks would find other hobbies in which to engage and neighborhoods would improve without the SIN of alcohol.

The – result – was – disastrous.

Absolutely disastrous.

NONE of the aforementioned goals were obtained. In fact, much the opposite; people were thrown head first into poverty as hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost both in the closing of breweries, distilleries, and saloons as well as the elimination in need for barrel makers, truckers, waiters and other related trade jobs.

Then! ON top of all that despair, the Feds had essentially bitten off the hand that feeds them because THEY were now out the $11,000,000,000 [yes, that many zeroes – 11 BILLION] in tax revenues generated by the manufacture and sale of alcohol.

So you know what they did?

They began to rely heavily on Income Tax to supplement the deficit THEY CREATED.

*hangs head*

Keep in mind –  the premise of Income Taxes is based on Income – meaning people have to have jobs to contribute to this tax money pool, right? Hmm… but you just nixed thousands of jobs?

Right…. Well let’s just say that I don’t think we should be surprised by that little ditty known as the Great Depression coming circa 1929…

Chin up, we could always be in North Korea .

That’s it for MissFit’s *Faux Pas*  Fun Fact Friday,

Now go pay your taxes and have a drink… You may as well.

c/o prohibitionclt.com

c/o prohibitionclt.com



Until next time,

Stay Well,



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