W.O.W. – SUNNY SUNDAY 04/12/15

“Sunny” – What would a Health Blog be without some uplifting, inspirational anecdotes and mantras?

To sail is necessary, to live is not”.


This quote is from an anonymous ancient Roman scribe.

In case anyone is fluent in Latin –  or perhaps attended Catholic school [cringe] such as myself and knows the infamous dead language – the original quote read as:

“Navigare est necesse, vivere non est necesse”

Whatever language you prefer, the message is the same.

Its point is that, while we do not have control over whether or not we came to be on this Earth, we do have control over what we do with our time and energy once we are here.

More importantly, it’s a brief reminder that what we choose does matter and, quite frankly, if we look throughout time, even when travel was not safe or even understood, we as humans appeared to have an innate drive to explore…to be taken from the ordinary world in which we know and see something else… to be a part of something else…

I’m challenging you Misfits:

Are you doing that? Are you following your human yearning to escape the mundane every now and again?

There will never be a perfect time to get away from your daily activities…the bill paying, the packing of school lunches, the laundry…there will always be something or someone beckoning your attention.

What an incredible age in which we live that we have programs such as Google Earth, high-tech GPS devices we can strap to our wrists, and lightning fast satellite coverage to link us to the these applications at all time…

But think about it… think about the lengths to which the Explorers went…or the original Homesteaders… YEARS it would take them to get from East Coast to West Coast…YEARS it would take and crazy dangerous voyages to reach parts unknown…parts that were thought to have sea monsters and possibly lead to that conspicuous place where you would sail right off the edge of the Earth…

But somehow, we went.

We understood there is more to life than comfort and routine.

Otherwise, it is not LIVING.

You don’t have to go far. Maybe you learn to practice more Mindfulness and Meditation and get away that way. Maybe you switch the furniture in your house or take a different route to the grocery store. The point is to see something new; to put yourself in a position to be changed, to be new.

Remember, living is a VERB.

So get out there, Misfits.

And, Sail.


Have a Sunny Sunday!

Stay Well,




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