“Trending” – Every time we turn around there is some other diet that will give us our dream body, some food we simply MUST avoid, or some piece of equipment we MUST buy… stay on top of what’s trending and get tips for thinking critically about marketing ploys.


Trending, Trending, read all about it!

Aside from all of the non-news worthy items that are trending these days [i.e. Kardashian family drama, Miley Cyrus’ wardrobe, and #anything&everything], there does appear to be a trend catching on at local restaurants and diners – Calorie Counts.

That’s right – hundreds of restaurants around the nation are beginning to post Calorie Counts for their food and beverage options.

This is wonderful for people who are in the business of counting calories – but, generally speaking, are people really looking ? And do they care?

Think about it – do you ?

While you are thinking of your answer, let’s try this on for size: instead of focusing on the number of calories something has, try looking at in terms of how much [ insert activity of choice here] you would have to do to burn off that food or beverage choice.

Just for kicks, lets take a look at a few options. Keep in mind, based on your age and body composition, this data will vary, but unless you are very young or very old, it will be comparable enough to get the idea. For the purposes of this activity, the miles must be run at about 6 mph.


Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Creme Frappuccino [500 calories] = run for 40 minutes

McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse Burger [780 calories] = run for 60 minutes

Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Lovers Pizza, 2 slices [880 calories] = run for 1.5 hrs

KFC Original Recipe Meal [1,200 calories] = run until you cross state lines.



If you are thinking “yes well, I don’t eat any of those things”…  Take a look at the calorie count, and know that whether your calories come from McDonalds, Burger King, or that fancy Bistro with the locally grown cheeses that make organic fettuccine alfredo…calories are calories.

Nutrition, aside, calories are simply units of energy. That is why it makes sense to think of how much energy you would have to use up to negate the energy you took in.

Confusing enough?

Perhaps, like MissFit, you are a visual learner. Let’s take a look at this video to understand more. Pay close attention to the first 2 minutes. If you like science, stay tuned for the rest, and if you are feeling like the A student, watch some of the associated videos!

Here’s what’s Trending now:


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