“Seasonal” – Take a look at how to stay active and make delicious food choices no matter what the temperature is outside.


Seasonal Saturday calls for a Seasonal Slideshow!!!


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Simply hover over the boxed image to join me on my bike ride!

It’s May, ya’ll and that means that we are approaching those hot, humid, possibly hot and humid dog days of summer.

With days getting longer and temperatures staying away from freezing [unless you are in Colorado and got that freak snow storm last week…], May is the perfect time to get in some extra steps or miles before you have the “It’s too hot” excuse. Or maybe you need to walk off that last meal we heard about on Tuesday

Going for a stroll or leisurely bike ride after dinner can be a great way to catch some beautiful images on your camera as the sun starts to set and – better yet – light movement after taking in a meal has been shown to aide digestion. Double Win.


So get out there Misfits!

Enjoy the sun and warmer temperatures. Don’t forget your sunscreen.


Stay Well,




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MissFit is not respsonsible for any sun damage occurred while participating in the outdoors as referenced on this website.


Let Miss Fit know what you think!

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