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So…you stopped smoking, cut out fake sugars, included more vegetables in your meals, and you at least Googled the word “Antioxidant”.

Congratulations! You are on your way to staving off the horrors of  cancer!

But guess what?

There is something that you and about 6 billion other people AREN’T doing that could help protect you from the most common kind of cancer.

First – what is the most common kind of cancer?

I bet you would not be surprised to know that it affects the LARGEST organ of the body…but I bet you would be surprised to know that the largest organ of the body is …

drumroll, please

Your Skin

That’s right. Your Skin is a living, breathing [sort of ] organ and is the largest such organ your body can claim.

Bad news is – cancer claims it too.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 people will battle skin cancer in their lifetime. That’s 20% of the global population. It could very well be higher, but not all areas of the globe track and report medical facts.

In the United States alone, over 5,000,000 people are treated annually for skin cancers ranging from mildly malignant to fatal.

5, 000,000.

And unlike brain cancer, which seems a bit more sneaky and we aren’t totally sure how it is contracted, skin cancer is HIGHLY preventable.

In over 98% of cases, it is caused by over-exposure to the sun. The answer is simple – limit your exposure; and protect yourself when you cannot limit exposure.

Sounds simple, but sometimes it’s not. Especially when looking “tan” is so posh.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind when considering skin protection:

  1. Sun damage can take the form of wrinkles. Super unsexy. And botox can go very, very wrong…
  2. Freckles can hide skin cancer — if you are freckle-filled, make sure you check for changes in size and color of your freckles
  3. Find a dermatologist in your insurance network and get an annual skin check; it takes less than five minutes and you get to wear hilarious paper underwear
  4. Suntan lotion less than SPF 30 is borderline worthless
  5. Make sure your sun tan lotion blocks UVA and UVB rays; sometimes the bottle will also say “broad-spectrum UV protection”, this is also acceptable
  6. Sun tan lotions containing Zinc are the most protective
  7. You CAN get burned when it is overcast outside
  8. You CAN get burned when it is not hot outside
  9. The sun reflects off water and burns you when you are in the pool or ocean
  10. Ladies – wear sunscreen under your make up even if there is SPF in your foundation
  11. Men – don’t be a dude. Real Men Wear sunscreen .
  12. Apply sunscreen no less than 15 mins before heading outside and re-apply about every hour or so, especially if you have rinsed off in the pool, etc

No better time to start than right now #saveyourskin

Make it Happen, misfits!

Until next time,

Stay Well,



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