“Trending” – Every time we turn around there is some other diet that will give us our dream body, some food we simply MUST avoid, or some piece of equipment we MUST buy… stay on top of what’s trending and get tips for thinking critically about marketing ploys.


Hmmmm…trending….what, oh what could there possibly be to talk about?

Does anyone know of anything to talk about? There’s just really nothing going on these days.

Are we still at war?

What happened with those Icing people? Oh, it’s “ISIS”? Well, yes, them too…

Has anyone else died from Ebola?

Wasn’t there something about a deadly respiratory infection…MERS? Like  SARS, but in the Middle East?

And then some big cruise ship crashed and lots of people died and went missing ?

And schools have less funding then ever?

And then there was that pretty important guy… what was his name… the son of that other important guy… the name escapes me – did I hear he died tragically young of brain cancer?

Geez, I’m just not sure.

There hasn’t scarcely been room on any news station or social media platform for anything outside of #caitlynjenner.

Omigosh, that’s right!

Breaking news: A man wanted to become a woman  – and because we have the scientific ability to do it, and he REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wants to do it – we absolutely have to make this happen. Or else, we just haven’t progressed as a civilization. And we might as well bring back slavery. And take away the right to vote.

What’s that you say? We still have slavery ? Men, women, and children are still enslaved?  Oh, well, I mean I don’t SEE any slavery, so that can’t be true.

Oh, and nobody really wants to vote anymore?

Because there’s so much scandal and apathy? And voter turnout has been steadily declining over the years since people died for that Right?


Wait, back to #caitlynjenner.

Who paid for that?

Well, yes, he’s wealthy, so I suppose he did. But what if his only insurance was Medicaid? When it’s tax payer money…Would what he wants still matter?Would you be ok with your money paying for that?

What about if he commits a felony?

Would he go to a woman’s prison?

What if he decides to go back to school – can he attend an All-female university?

Is there a point where his right to choose genders imposes on others’ rights?

Well, this is just all very confusing.

And uncomfortable.

We really shouldn’t think too much about it.

Let’s just go back to checking our live feed on Facebook.

I’m sure someone’s posting a picture of their cat.

That always makes me smile…

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