W.O.W. – FUN FACT FRIDAY 06/12/15

“Fun Fact” – Self-explanatory…


Friday. June 12.

So close to being another Friday the 13th! That would have made for a record-breaking FOUR this year.

While we aren’t breaking records this year for cursed days of the week – we ARE breaking curses for records this week!

Just six days ago, a 37 y.o. jinx was broken in the world of equine lovers and bookies alike –  The Triple Crown.

That’s right – all those Derby Hats and Old-Fashions on the Rocks came through for American Pharaoh and his jockey Victor Espinoza.

American Pharaoh is only the 12th horse to ever secure the Triple Crown and as you can see in the list below – he broke the longest running uncontested spree; the second longest gap being the 25 years between 1948 and 1973.

American Pharaoh is preceded in the “pantheon” [as they call it; who “they” are remains to be revealed…] by the following:

  1. Affirmed [1978]
  2. Seattle Slew[1977]
  3. Secretariat [1973]
  4. Citation [1948]
  5. Assault [1946]
  6. Count Fleet [1943]
  7. Whirlaway [1941]
  8. War Admiral [1937]
  9. Omaha [1935]
  10. Gallant Fox [1930]
  11. Sir Barton [1919]

And, THAT, dear misfits, is your fun fact for this Friday.

Until next time,

Stay Well,

Miss Fit

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