“Seasonal” – Take a look at how to stay active and make delicious food choices no matter what the temperature is outside.


It’s June.

The month that brings us the beginning of Summer according to school and lunar calendars, alike.

Triple digit temperatures.

Money flying out of the account towards camps and childcare.

Scheduling conflicts.

Steam coming up off the pavement.

Day trips to the beach that feel like anything but a vacation.


Sand everywhere.

Scorching metal seat belts.

Weekend BBQ’s that end in neighborhood drama, cancelled play dates, and hangovers.

MMMMM, Summer.

Regardless of where you live, days are longer, temperatures are higher, and – let’s just be honest – fuses are likely to be shorter.

With most of the country coming out of the trenches of what was a bitter, harsh winter, the warm, sun-filled days are undoubtedly being welcomed. However, as we just reviewed, Summer brings with it its own set of inconveniences.

Unlike that snap reaction your hand takes when it touches the scalding hot seat belt, some Summer inconveniences, are a little more sneaky.

One such inconvenience, dehydration, is one that that often goes overlooked until it is too late. In Maricopa County, Arizona, for instance, some 2, 000+ people go to the Emergency Room each Summer for physical complications related to heat.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with more scare-tastic stats.

What I AM going to do is tell you that Mother Nature has given you a gift: The fruits and vegetables that are “in season” in Summer actually have a higher water and electrolyte compositions than those in other seasons.

Pretty awesome how the Universe looks out for us that way.

Top Five Water Fruits

  1. Watermelon
  2. Strawberries
  3. Grapefruit
  4. Canteloupe
  5. Peaches

Top Five Water Vegetables

  1. Cucumbers
  2. Lettuce
  3. Zucchini
  4. Radish
  5. Celery

The most obvious way to get the benefit of these fruits and veggies is to….eat them. Duh.

But, don’t forget about more creative ways!

  1. Slice them up and let them diffuse in your water
  2.  Chop up, puree, and place in ice cube molds; let freeze; use ice cubes in drinks
  3. Slice, chop, cut, rip, tear, throw together into a salad!

Most people think vegetables go in salads. They do, of course.

But fruit in your salad can be a welcomed change, especially in summer. Fruits such as strawberries, blue berries, pears, and melon pair WONDERFULLY with balsamic dressings, feta cheeses, green beans, and other summer salad staples.

While I won’t tell you not to drink alcohol [because we are all adults here, and you can make you own decisions…], there are a few beverage options I would strongly steer you away from. Click Here to find out more.

Stay Cool Misfits,

Yours Truly,

Miss Fit




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