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It’s August, which still means warm temperatures and late-night sunsets for most.

So, why then are we all feeling a little bit…DARK ?

Well, if you’ve been listening to the news, you know we have Mike Pompeo in Kansas to thank for the black cloud – and not just because it’s tornado season.

DARK = Deny Americans the Right to Know Act.

It is a piece of legislation that has bobbed and weaved around for quite some time now, only to resurface thanks to our pal, Mike.

What exactly does Mike wish to deny us knowing exactly?

What exactly we are putting into our bodies. The DARK Act specifically concerns GMO ingredients and their presence in the foods we eat. According to Mike, there is no reason that Americans should need to know when GMO ‘s are present in their foods. No need whatsoever to be told that our already processed foods have been genetically altered in any number of ways. It appears that his strongest case for keeping us in the dark is that the new labeling would be expensive.


How many foods are we talking about, Mike? Are you implying that so many of our foods contain GMO’s that the addition of two words “contains GMO’s”
would send the labeling/packaging folks into despair and drive product cost up to the point where it is not feasible?

Also, Mike, are you implying that most foods containing GMO’s are foods that come in packaging as oppose to fresh fruits and vegetables that would simply have labeling on store bins ?

Mike, I hate to grill you here, but you aren’t making a whole lot of sense – is it possible that you are making global statements because you aren’t entirely sure what genetic modification looks like or means and you think that because you don’t give a hoot, that no one else should either?

Gee, Mike, I don’t know…if there’s nothing wrong with GMO’s then why would you care if certain foods had that labeling?

Is it possible that maybe we don’t fully understand long-term effects [as with most things the FDA condones] and that you are just a teensy-weensy bit afraid of what would happen if the public gets too wise?

You know we have seen this before… try to keep people illiterate so they don’t rise up. I wont go into specifics but I’m pretty sure we know how that usually turns out.

Listen, Mike, I would be willing to concede that maybe GMO labeling is not the most important thing we have going on globally right now, HOWEVER, as a consumer, if there is truly nothing to hide, it stands to reason there should be full disclosure about processing, chemicals, additives, and the like. You putting up these defenses, Mike, makes me feel a bit like you are upset we know too much. And pretty soon we will be too healthy to need constant pharmaceuticals…?

Lastly, there was a time when we didnt have warning labels on cigarette cartons – do you remember that?  I’m truly trying to look out for you, Mike, I wouldn’t want you to make a fool of yourself a few decades from now.

Click here to sign the petition to Oppose the DARK Act

Please note, the first page is the petition, the second page will bring you to a donation page. There is NO requirement to give money in order to sign the petition. Once you have put your name and email on the first page, you have in fact signed the petition.

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