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Today is Labor day. This means a few things:

  1. Many of us didn’t have to work today
  2. Many of us have no idea how it can be possible that it is almost time to go back to work
  3. Many of us desperately want every weekend to be a three-day weekend
  4. This work week, while only 4 days, will somehow manage to go painfully slow.
  5.  We check our calendars for the next Federal holiday…Thanksgiving ?!?! Fuck.
  6. We check google images for some Meme that captures our despair…

We post most suitable Meme on multiple social media sites to commiserate in our misery…

True story.

Let’s just call a spade, a spade. How is this so predictable ?

Well, quite frankly, it’s because we as humans, are highly predictable.

We tend to gravitate towards those things that feel good and gravitate away from things that DON’T feel good.

No work, feels good.

Work, not so good.

And, let’s be honest,  talking about things you want to see change is WAY easier and comfortable than ACTUALLY putting forth effort to change those things.

And that makes sense, right?

I mean there is certainly an evolutionary advantage to that the Path of Least Resistance: in theory, it increases our chances of survival – think about it – Going towards the fire on a cold night feels much better than going towards that lion who looks a tad hungry…

Now, realizing that we have central heating (and Zoos) to minimize the relevancy of the above example, the original point holds true.

While we have made incredible strides in the advent of technology to make our lives more comfortable and convenient, we haven’t REALLY changed biologically since the times of building fires and protecting ourselves from lions.

We still have many [I would propose ALL] of our original evolutionary tendencies.

Why does any of this matter?

Well, I suppose it does not matter at all if you are 100% happy with your life and don’t have any further goals are areas you wish to improve .

Which, P.S., if that describes you, I would like to request that you make a small donation to my account at South Carolina Student Loan Company and help a sister out…

For the rest of us, this humorous exposure of our baser Self is incredibly meaningful because it holds the key to understanding why we may not have the life we want.

Let’s take a look at two areas of life most of us are seeking to improve:

  1. Physical Health

You work all day, you are tired, the last thing that feels happy and comfortable is kicking your own ass on a treadmill and then going home and chopping vegetables and cooking and then having to clean up all the dishes… NO, it sounds much more appealing to stop at a building on your way home work… a magical building that will serve food to you right at the side of your car and then you can just keep driving home and sit down on the couch and eat and relax.

2. Financial Health

You work all day, you are tired, you have been on someone else’s clock all day. With this in mind, you feel you  have EARNED something for yourself, so you go pick up some new pair of shoes, or the latest gismo or gadget  – something that is YOURS. something you purchased with that hard earned money from the Man – something to make you feel like you are in control and that job is worthwhile because “look what it bought me”.  Who wants to budget? You work hard for your money, too hard probably, if you can’t even spend your money on what you want, WHEN you want…what kind of a terrible, suffocating life is that??

Sound even just a tiny bit familiar?

Here’s the problem – for those of us who subscribe to the two mentalities just listed, the result is someone who is Unhealthy and In Debt; someone who is physically exhausted and financially depleted. Which, obviously none of us would choose.

But do you see how easy it is to chose?

It’s so easy

And comfortable

And natural


to choose the path of least resistance.

And because we don’t become overweight or bankrupt overnight, it can be all the more easy to choose what feels good in the moment. But all those moments add up…and before you know it, you are far away from the life you say you want.

And you are back on your Home screen.

Commiserating on social media platforms over the desire to have more work / life balance…maybe selecting a melancholy meme to share with your 1,408 friends….changing your profile picture to a better Selfie (now that you have that new filter) but not changing anything that matters.

Don’t be that guy.

Don’t be afraid to be a little too hot, or cold, or stare that lion in the face. There is nothing easy or comfortable about a life of  RX pharmaceuticals, endless calls from credit companies, and dying before your time.

Whatever you want to change, Make it Happen .

Stay Well,



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