MissFit – – What the Hell Happened?

Well, Misfits, I owe you all my deepest apologies.

After the Tuesday Sept 8th posting, the rest of the week’s newsletter articles did not publish proper.

I take full responsibility.

$hit happens, right ?

I want to thank each of you who personally emailed and texted me to let me know there was an error.  What an incredible feeling to have you all reach out to me.

You are all the reason I am here, writing and working. I am here to serve you and I’m so sorry that there were some complications this last week.

On a positive note, ll of my clients who reached out will be getting a free session!

As for the newsletter, I figured it would be best to simply release Weds through Sunday starting next week on the 16th.

SO check back and make sure they post!

And, hey, if they don’t, be the first to email me and you get a free session!

Win-win for you whether I’m driven crazy by technology or not!

Not a bad deal in this day and age 🙂

And, remember, I’m always open to requests for articles. If there is something you would like to see written on or about, just shoot me an email at write.with.ms@gmail.com.

No need to be a member to make a request!

Until next time,

Stay Well,


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