W.O.W. SUNNY SUNDAY 09/20/15

“Sunny” – What would a Health Blog be without some uplifting, inspirational anecdotes and mantras?


“The other shows us ourselves in a forgotten light, as someone less dull than we thought we had become. We look at each other and we love ourselves”



Do you know someone like this ?

Someone who reflects back to you the person you wish to see?

Someone who reminds you of what it means to be alive?

Not just ‘living’, but truly alive?

Do you have someone in your life for whom YOU are this person?

Someone to whom you give life?

Someone to whom you validate worth and purpose?

Take stock of the people with whom you spend your time…

Do they fit in this category for you – or you for them?

Do you wish they did?

Or, perhaps, you prefer it the way it is – connected enough…but not too close?

These are not questions anyone else can answer.

Nor, are they questions, which you can afford to not answer.

I challenge  you to take time this Sunday. And sit with these questions…

Love them.

Hate them.

Rejoice in them.

Cry for them.

But be present with them.

You get but one turn on the Carousel of Life, you owe it to yourself and whoever or whatever you believe in, to love yourself and to surround yourself with those you love.

looking glass


“Seasonal” – Take a look at how to stay active and make healthy choices no matter what the temperature is outside


It’s September, which means we aren’t quite in High Pollen Season – nor are we quite in Flu Season.

So what’s with all the congestion, sniffles, and headaches?


I realize this is hard to believe.

None of us really have anything major going on.

It’s NOT LIKE it’s the first full month of school for parents and children, and college students …

The first full month of football as we discussed in last Tuesday’s article,

Or the last month before the FIVE MONTH stretch of debt-inducing, hangover-prone holidays:

October – Halloween

November – Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving

December – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa [respectively]

January – New  Years

February –  Valentine’s Day

Dont even act like Halloween and Valentine’s Day don’t count… you know as well as I do.

Listen, here’s the deal, I know we have heard about stress for eons and it’s something everyone has and no one wants and we all should sleep more and eat better and exercise regularly…


blah blah

But here’s the SIMPLE truth:

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body releases more cortisol [hormone] to help you stay alert …while also reducing white blood cell count [lowering your immunity]….and storing belly fat…

Cortisol also messes with Leptin [another hormone] which increases cravings for unhealthy foods in unhealthy amounts …

When your Cortisol and Leptin levels are too high, it messes with your circadian rhythm so that even when try to sleep you CANT sleep as soundly…which means your body will not get the rest it needs and it will further increase the levels of those two hormones.

If this goes one for several consecutive days, your body will continue to reduce white blood cell count and your fatigue will get worse and you will start to feel that “flu-like” feeling.

Your body is literally trying to get you to slow down, it’s begging you to get into bed and sleep so that it can get back on track.

The take-home message here is that : Your body is in charge 🙂

If you don’t give your body what it needs, it will make changes on a cellular level to get what it needs.

Work with your body, not against it.

It’s the only one you have.

Until Next time,

Stay Well,


MissFit – – What the Hell Happened?

Well, Misfits, I owe you all my deepest apologies.

After the Tuesday Sept 8th posting, the rest of the week’s newsletter articles did not publish proper.

I take full responsibility.

$hit happens, right ?

I want to thank each of you who personally emailed and texted me to let me know there was an error.  What an incredible feeling to have you all reach out to me.

You are all the reason I am here, writing and working. I am here to serve you and I’m so sorry that there were some complications this last week.

On a positive note, ll of my clients who reached out will be getting a free session!

As for the newsletter, I figured it would be best to simply release Weds through Sunday starting next week on the 16th.

SO check back and make sure they post!

And, hey, if they don’t, be the first to email me and you get a free session!

Win-win for you whether I’m driven crazy by technology or not!

Not a bad deal in this day and age 🙂

And, remember, I’m always open to requests for articles. If there is something you would like to see written on or about, just shoot me an email at write.with.ms@gmail.com.

No need to be a member to make a request!

Until next time,

Stay Well,



“Work it Out” – Get over that mid-week hump with the added gusto of a new work out move. Some moves may be borrowed from the Kama Sutra. Possibly.


It is very easy to injure ligaments and bands that hold muscles in place if they aren’t properly warmed up and, subsequently, kept warm for a period after the workout.

This can be a challenge during the winter months when long periods of time may be spent outdoors or large jumps in temperature from the steamy gym to the tundra outside.

In light of this, MissFit is featuring the Shin Stack for the Work it Out move of the month this Wednesday.

c/o pinterest.com

c/o pinterest.com

[The pose is also known as the “Double Pigeon to Yogis].

It is the #1 way to stretch iliobands and open up hip flexors in a safe, effective manner – – which is essential for anyone looking to improve on flexibility, posture, endurance, and hip-gyrating dance moves.

To the greatest extent you are able, mimic the picture above.

Hold for a minimum of 10 seconds and then switch leg positions so that the opposite leg is underneath.

As you get more comfortable in the position, focus on leaning your torso forward for a deep stretch and work your way up to holding for a full 60 seconds. For an added challenge, point your toes.

**Important** remember to inhale/exhale breathe during this exercise and keep your neck at a 90 degree angle with your body or simply let it to hang comfortably with chin towards chest. This will help prevent unnecessary neck strain during this exercise.

Enjoy your Wednesday Work out!

Stay Well,




Comment below or email direct to write.with.ms@gmail.com

Father Time’s One Night Stand


As I often like to do on a Sunday, I’ve been catching up with you all here on the WordPress Blogosphere. Blogiverse [?] Blogworld [?] Well, you know this vapid space we call the Internet that we fill with wondrous thing…

Call it what you will; I have seen so many posts recently about “Time”.

Even the The Daily Post prompt is about Time!

Whether it’s “that Time of Year”, “never enough Time”, “Time to get moving”, “Time to stop”, “about Time to celebrate”, or a myriad of other musings on this elusive element, Time is of great interest to Miss Fit. So much so that it makes her speak in the third person.


Well because the third person is fantastic [says Miss Fit]. No, I know, you meant why do I find Time so interesting…?

As a Nutritional Consultant, all other things being equal [i.e. financial situation, religious preference, gender, age, skill level, goals, needs, wants] the #1 reason reported when I ask my clients why it is they think they are not where they want to be in life the answer is always related to a seeming lack of this thing we call ‘Time’.

There is never enough of it.


Never. Ever.

For all of Time, there has never, nor will ever be enough of it for most people.

Not to mention, it is the one thing that, no matter how much money you have, you can’t physically buy more of.

If you are following me on this, you should be asking, “Now, wait, Miss Fit… You are supposed to be smart… I’m supposed to be reading your blog because your judgment is sound and good…And you just told me that the #1 reason people aren’t where they need to be is because there is not enough Time, and you ALSO just told me that no matter what, you can’t get more Time…SO…um, Miss Fit, you have set your business up for failure then because you cannot provide the missing link – no one can.. ?”



This blog will self-destruct in




care of clipartbest.com

care of clipartbest.com


You still here?

OH thank god.

Ok, TIME to get down to business.

You all may remember an earlier post of mine in which I discussed the difference between “spending time” and “investing time”.

All of the information in that post still holds, this is merely an addendum. It is one thing to learn to select the proper ways to use one’s Time, but one must still have Time to do this.

I digress.

And continue with an anecdote.

I give you the beautiful, sexy, Gumby

care of officeplayground.com

care of officeplayground.com

and her distinguished beau, Father Time

care of talksense.weebly.com

care of talksense.weebly.com

Now, for the purposes of this story, we are operating under an Adam and Eve [not Steve] story structure. This is not because I wish to make a political [or emotional] statement about sexual preference, but rather because I don’t have Time to think up of characters that would pose as the surrogate mother, the sperm-donor, and/or the in-vitro petri dish.

Gumby, with all of her flexibility can bend and sway and move about as she pleases. Definitely a score for Father Time.

Father Time, with his constant, unchanging, predictable behavior, makes for a solid procreation candidate.

A chance encounter.

A few batted eyelashes and bottles of Shiraz later, and magic happens.

Nine months later.

I present to you – Anita Moore Time.

[image unavailable; this is a fictitious story with largely fictitious characters, but, ironically, meant very much for Reality]

The one and only love child of Gumby and Father Time.

As she grows up, she is highly sought after by all human creatures, for her existence represents the progeny of Time, lending to the belief that there is a way to create Time.

There was but one way she came into being then, and there is but one way she can replicate herself in the lives of those who seek her – the secret power? Her mother’s genes of flexibility and bending.

You see, in order to get more Time, we must learn how to bend and flex that Time which we already have – – very similarly to the issue of World Hunger – it is not a lack of food, but rather a poor distribution of food that causes so many to starve. So, too, is it with Time.

Do you notice how excited people you know get for this time of year [in the States] when we get to “Fall Back” our clocks and it’s this incredible feeling of gaining an hour of life?

Did you actually get a 25th hour in the day?

Do any of us, really?

No, of course not. There are still 24 hrs in the day, but as a society we re-structure the time to synchronize our days better.

Now, interestingly, Miss Fit lives in Phoenix, AZ, the only city in the nation that does not participate in said Time Change practices. No “Spring-ing forward”, no “Fall-ing back”, just the same ‘ol Time, all the Time.

Now theoretically, this should not impact me [or my fellow Phoenicians] at all. I mean we just got done saying that those “Fall-backers” don’t really get more Time, so why does it sort of feel like a jip?

Well, quite frankly, it’s because we LOVE FREE STUFF. And the older we get, the harder we work, and it usually feels like your earnings go to everyone and everything but you. This dichotomy creates a scarcity trigger inside of us that makes us both (a) secretly not like sharing no matter what we learned in Kindergarten because let’s face it, it’s NOT just the crayons people want when you are an adult… (b) really, really, really love having control over things.

As a Consultant dealing with the inner working of unique people’s mind and bodies, I rarely IF EVER, will speak in absolutes.

But, this warrants it – NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE.

Absolutely nothing.

Everything comes at a cost of some kind. Some literal or proverbial price to pay.

The key to “finding Time” to do the things you really want to do is not about searching for another love child of Father Time, it’s about gaining Awareness of the following:

  1. You as a person are given 24 hrs each day to do with what you please
  2. Two-thirds of that time [on average] is inherently given away to some ratio of Sleep + Work. This is because in order for us to have other 24 hrs [i.e. not die] we must rest our bodies and also earn an income to purchase food to fuel our bodies
  3. The remaining one-third of your day IS YOURS
  4. This remaining 8 hrs is not, nor will rarely ever be, a sequential 8 hrs; SEEK IT OUT, for it is hidden
  5. Find it hiding in the binge-watch of that one TV show; find it in your compulsive Facebook© stalking of people you would never talk to in person; find it in the energy spent staying mad at someone who wronged you; find it in the co-worker Happy Hour that you really couldn’t afford to go to, but did; find it under the covers of the hangover of the next morning



Find it, it’s there.

This holiday season, and always, decide what you want most, and realize that every moment has the potential to be a step toward or a step away from what you want. If you don’t claim that, someone else will.

~Miss Fit










The Day Boo Radley Came to a Cookout and Cancer Left


Alright, well I alluded to it a few posts ago: Swim Suit Season is either upon us again, or still, depending on where you live.

No, this is not another “Beach Ready Abs in 7 days!” gimmicky article.

Which, by the way, can I just say I despise those articles? If it were truly possible to get abs in 7 days without depriving yourself of the water you need to stay hydrated and the fibrous foods you need to stay…regular – there would be no obesity epidemic. It would be a small, scale contagion at most.

Now, I’m not saying that to take the wind out of your proverbial beach-ready sails, I’m saying it because it’s true.

And far too often we get our hopes up for something we truly want [who doesn’t want abs in 7 days??] and when we are made to believe it is attainable… and then we fail… it is devastating and further endorses the notion that being healthy is just too hard. And we must not be very good at it.

Oh- contraire.

Like your favorite pizza made with high-quality ingredients, we can only be expected to be as “good” at something as the tools with which we have to work with. The tools those beauty mags “equip” you with for getting abs in 7 days may be grounded in partial truths [i.e. fibrous foods such as kale and beans can indeed make you bloat – but normally only if you restrict water intake, which that article probably suggests too – wouldn’t want any excess water retention that’s so unsexy…; it is also true that salt can make you bloat… But salt is needed in small amounts along with water to keep you hydrated at a cellular level] so all in all – – Like the teenage boys those hormone charged magazines seem to be written by, they offer too many mixed, unfounded messages, making for a poor health competency gauge.

Shew. I feel better getting that off my chest.

Yes, it was arguably cruel for me to use pizza as a metaphor in that example.

Hopefully you aren’t too upset with me, as delicious food was sort of the focal point of the rest of this article…

Time to chat about that uninvited guest at your backyard cookout.



The neighbor on the corner house that reminds you of Boo Radley?

No, no, no.

Well, wait, technically: yes, yes, and… maybe?

Those can all put on a damper on things. Unless it really is Boo Radley. I’ve always wanted a fictional character at my cookout. Great conversation piece, no?

Ok, ok, back to center: For the purposes of this article, the answer we were looking for was: Carcinogens.

I’m sure you’ve heard the schtick before: Grilling foods causes cancer!!!

But wait, fried foods cause fatness.

Microwave foods cause radiation.

Boiled foods cause nutrient depletion

Raw foods cause salmonella, E. Coli, Mad Cow, and tapeworm [for good measure]**

SO… what are we to do?

Time to clarify this and sort through the scare tactics for some facts.

The facts are these:

  • Grilles can get up to 640 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cooking meat at high temperatures above 500 degree Fahrenheit has been shown to generate Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons [PAHs] and Heterocyclic Amines [HCA]
  • PAHs and HCA have been shown to causes cancer in laboratory rats as well linked to stomach and colon/rectal cancers in humans across longitudinal studies.
  • Meat and poultry produce the highest levels of PAH/HCA because they have the highest levels of amino acids and creatine [building blocks for protein]; Seafood has lower levels, and vegetable by products [i.e. veggie burgers] and vegetables themselves [i.e. squash, asparagus, tomatoes] have little to no PAH/HCA because the amino and creatine precursors aren’t as abundant.
  • Additionally, Meat and Poultry have the highest levels of PAH/HCA because, even at their leanest, they have a higher fat content then their vegetable counterparts. The fat content comes into play because whenever fat drips on a heating element [think flames and charcoal], the PAH/HCA are formed on contact and then waft back up in the smoke and can land on the food where they are cooked into those deliciously, crispy charred pieces. SO sad. But so true.
  • From the looks of the research, you would have to eat a considerable amount of charred food and abandon most anti-oxidant foods [think berries, tea, coffee, green veggies] to wind up with cancer that could be solely attributed to our little PAH/HCA friends. However, don’t tempt fate, at least not when preventative measures are so simple.

Here are a few simple preparatory steps you can take to reduce your chances of consuming even low levels of carcinogens at your next cook out:

Pick a lean meat to begin with and trim extra fat [based on a 6oz serving]

i.      Top Sirloin Steak [240 calories, 30 g protein, 12 g fat]

top sirloin

ii.      London Broil [165 calories, 36 g protein, 5g fat]

london broil

iii.      96% Lean Ground Beef [195 calories, 33 g protein, 7 g fat]

96 lean ground

iv.      Pork Tenderloin [185 calories, 36 g protein, 4 g fat]


v.      Chicken Breast [187 calories, 40 g protein, 2 g fat]


vi.      Turkey Cutlets [180 calories, 42 g protein, 1 g fat]

turkey cutlets

Take noteprocessed meats like bratwurst, sausages, and hot dogs that have casings and nitrites are linked to carcinogens on their own accord, even without grilling, so eat those sparingly and opt for kosher, non-nitrite options when you can

Marinate your meat

Use dark beer – [ don’t argue] recent studies have shown that the darker the beer, the greater the power to diffuse HCA/PAH. Sorry Miller Light won’t cut it. Just one more reason to love craft beer. Consider a Porter or Stout

Use spices – a combination of cloves, rosemary, oregano, and thyme has been shown to protect the fat content from oxidizing and thus reducing carcinogens

Pre-cook meat in microwave to reduce open flame exposure time

Pretty self explanatory. Cook to about 85 % of cooked-ness [if you will]. This is especially a good idea if you have not thawed out the meat – – frozen meat directly on the grille is one of the best way to seal in HCA/PAH because the internal temperature is never consistent with the outer

Try a gas grille

Cooks at a lower temperature than charcoal and is easier to control the temperature

If you do use Charcoal, opt for hardwood charcoal, as it burns at lower temperatures than mesquite or other soft woods

Drain off the juices [which contain highest levels of HCA]

Worried your meat will be uber-dry if you lose the juice? Try the “tenting method” : place your meat on a cutting board or plate and drape aluminum foil loosely over the top; do NOT wrap it to the plate; leave for 5 mins; the steam will help force the redistribution of juices already inside the meat and help keep the whole piece moist

Lastly, Clean your grille after each use!


Check back later this week when I post some of my favorite grilled vegetable recipes [think Garlic Truffle Corn-on-the-Cob and Pesto Zucchini] and share which beers go best with which foods.


Until next time,

Live  Well.


Some of you may be wondering why, as a fitness guru, I am espousing these seemingly “rich” foods. It’s less devious than you might imagine. All things in moderation. When you eat quality food, your body thanks you. You feel satisfied because your body is getting the nutrients it needs. Steer clear of any summer diet that has you skipping meals, substituting a bunch of sugar-free, fat-free options, or eating just a few of the same items over and over.



** I know my True Raw Food Diet and Vegans out there are cheering right now.

“Ha-ha!”, they will say. “We don’t have to worry about any of that!”

At least scan the article and be an ambassador for all your non-raw friends.




A Lesson on Michael Jackson, Trunk Monkeys, and -oh yeah – some Health Stuff

I would like to make an additional addendum to one of my earlier posts in which I reference the fact that the only things for certain in life are Death, Taxes, and Work.

There’s a new player in the Game: The Propensity Towards Convenience. Let’s call her PTC for short. Not to be confused with P.Y.T by Michael Jackson circa 1983


Although… let’s take a look at those lyrics:

You know you, you make me feel so good inside
I always wanted a girl just like you
Such a P.Y.T., pretty young thing, ooh!

Where did you come from lady?
And ooh won’t you take me there?
Right away, won’t you baby

Don’t you know now is the perfect time
We can make it right, hit the city lights
Then tonight ease the lovin’ pain
Let me take you to the max!

Now that it’s out there – there is striking similarity between PTC and PYT… Can you see it?

The hints of “gimme, gimme”, doing what feels good, and a since of desire and mystery for why we might feel this way… that only gives way to more lust for it?

Yes – Michael Jackson [may you rest in peace], not only were you a powerful force in HipHop, but, evidently [likely unbeknownst to you] your lyrics are going to act as a meaningful metaphor on a fitness blog.

Shocking I know.

But a writer never knows when inspiration will strike. And well, perhaps I too have a PTC…


Ok, enough tangential philosophizing – what does all of this have to do with your health?

Allow me to explain:

 A while back I put some feelers out there to gauge from friends, family, co-workers, clients, random people I met, just what exactly they felt the biggest barrier to achieving their health and fitness goals was.

I got several very specific answers [such as certain bodily pains or malfunctions that need not be noted here…oddly enough these were from the strangers…] but as a general consensus, there were three main BUZZ words that seemed to keep creeping into the conversation:


  1. Time
  2. Expense
  3. Convenience


Although, if you really boil it down – things that are too time-consuming or expensive are clearly not convenient.

In which case I present to you my Thesis for this article:

 That we all have a luscious, dirty little secret crush on our PTC and, while there are oh –so-many reasons to love her endlessly [i.e. She’s a cheap date and, always available, and ready right when we need her to be – no waiting hours while she primps…] she is in fact getting in the way of our health and fitness goals.

Now, before you get all bent out of shape or calling your counselor to admit to your mistress… Let’s be realistic for a second –


  • We live in a fast-paced environment.
  • We do need some things to be as convenient as possible.
  • There are people in our life who just don’t see our time as valuable as their own.
  • It really DOES feel like there just is not enough time in the day. Most days. Ok. Every day. Especially weekends. Can I get a scientist in here… I swear Saturday is only half as long as Tuesday… what is that about?
  • Going through a drive through and getting enough food for the whole family for $11 is pretty awesome.
  • Gyms are petri dishes for germs
  • 90% of the year it is either too hot or too cold to be active outside. Comfortably, anyways.
  • There are some expenses that are just “musts” [i.e. Cell phone, Netflix, Cable/Internet, and happy hour tabs] so the fund to buy Lycra spandex capable of turning normal, attractive XX an XY creatures into androgynous amoebas did NOT MAKE the cut.
  • It’s a successful day if you make it home in rush hour traffic without releasing your trunk monkey more than once…

SO, all of this being said, it makes good sense why so many continue to have their health and fitness goals thwarted time and time again, yes?

What if I told you that you could learn to understand this human PTC and how to make it work in your favor instead of against you?

 Consider the Following:

 I recently read a series of articles discussing health care costs.  I know, I know, the media has been inundated with these sorts of articles lately. If we aren’t hearing about Justin Bieber making his parents oh so proud or yet another wedding for one [or possibly two?] of the Kardashian’s we are most certainly hearing something about ObamaCare aka The Affordable Care Act.


I am not going to discuss any of that.

Unless of course you email me directly and want to chat about some traditionally taboo topics like religion, politics, and the death penalty, oddly enough I am open to that.

These articles were not discussing the ongoing battle of costs struck up between pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and the government [over which we as “lay persons” like to think we have control over but in fact do not…]

NO, no, these articles were actually discussing health care costs that you and I have control over… sort of.

There are three types of Cost often reviewed when looking at Health Care [1] Preventative Care [2] Direct Medical Costs and [3] Reduced Productivity.

 Before going any further, let’s take a look at some operational definitions for these Costs:


  • Preventative Care: money that goes in to the education and promotion of community awareness regarding the proven or suspected lifestyle elements believed to contribute to the onset or proliferation of a specified illness [i.e. smoking, eating certain foods, maintaining high stress and low activity levels]
  • Direct Medical Costs: refers to the equipment and facilities needed on account of a specified illness such as in-patient hospital stays, physician office visits, maintenance prescriptions, prescriptions for additional complications, in-home care, and nursing home facilities
  • Reduced Productivity: a.k.a. “Indirect medical costs”; this category looks at labor that is lost on account of increased absenteeism i.e. missed work from a specified illness, routine or emergency physician appts, and lost capacity due to early mortality

For the purpose of this article, and because you can’t help but hear about the astronomical statistics lately, I am going to use Type II Diabetes [aka Diabetes Mellitus, abbreviate “DM” in hospital jargon] to illustrate a few points.

According to the American Diabetes Association [ADA], there are over 20 million Americans diagnosed with DM and over 80 million diagnosed as “prediabetic” [which is based on a score received on a blood test. I would be happy to go into more detail offline for anyone interested. Simply send me an email write.with.ms@gmail.com]


The way I see those stats – we basically have 100 million people in the United States alone who have DM at the forefront of their minds.

Considering there are currently 317 million people in the United Stated TOTAL…that’s roughly one in every three persons. And if you believe in the Six Degrees of Separation module – that means we all know about 2.3 persons [I would hate to be that 0.3 of a person… I hope it’s my good side…] who either already have DM or are projected to get it.

That’s pretty extraordinary… With so many people so soon to be affected, you would think the majority of health care dollars would be going to that little category I mentioned first above labeled “Preventative Care”… but alas this is not the case.

And it’s because the Direct and Indirect care costs are so elaborate and it would be morally disconcerting not to attend to them. For instance if you have $1, 000 and you have to decide if you are going to pay for a speaker to go to a few high schools and talk about Prevalence Rates and Contributing Factors for DM or if you are going to pay for the amputation of a man’s leg that became necrotic due to poor circulation [common in uncontrolled DM] the choice seems obvious – the money goes towards the immediate need.

And the Prevention tactics take a back seat.


But at some point, we must realize that there is a bigger picture… that this propensity for “Bandaid” solutions is not sustainable. That more of an effort needs to go into preventing the “boo-boo” from happening at all.

Perhaps you need a few more numbers to illustrate my point.

According to the ADA, in 2012, $245 Billion were incurred on account of Direct/Indirect costs associated with DM. This is up 41% since 2007.

Doing a little math, adjusting for inflation, I calculated that, presently, in 2014, the new estimated Direct and Indirect health care costs associated with DM in the United States comes in at approximately $278 Billion.

$200 Billion of that is Direct Care; and the other $78 Billion is Indirect Care.

Even with a Health Care Budget of over $1.2 Trillion dollars that is still more than $1 out of every $5 health care dollars going towards DM alone.

 Ok enough Math.


I know some of you are contemplating sicking that trunk monkey on me…


So what are these elusive Preventative Care tips and tricks we don’t seem to have enough of?


Where are all the pamplets???


They are there…they are even right at your finger tips… of all the crazy Google searches we have done, a quick “tips to prevent diabetes” actually yields some healthy results…


  • Get an annual check up with your Primary Care Physician
  • Cook meals at home using fresh ingredients
  • Avoid overly processed foods like boxed desserts and frozen meals
  • Read nutrition label- Be wary of ingredients you cannot pronounce
  • Drink plenty of water; avoid soda See article https://phoenixfit4life.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/hydration-houdini/
  • Include several servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily meals
  • Aim for 30 mins of moderate activity daily and more as tolerated
  • Know how many calories and grams of sugar are in your favorite alcoholic beverage
  • Consider small changes before big leaps [i.e. take the stairs instead of elevator; eliminate one fast food run weekly]

So what gives?


Ahh…. There she is … that PTC…


She thought we had forgotten about her.


If only we could.


She waits for us always.


Ever so patiently.


To tempt us with her sexy, speedy ways…






Having trouble kicking the habit? Email me direct at write.with.ms@gmail.com and I would be happy to chat with you about some ways to reach your goals.

Reelin’ in the Bait for Ascorbate


What in the world is ascorbate?

Simple – It is the scientific name for Vitamin C.

By the way, did you know that historically, citrus fruits were a staple on sea voyages to stave off Scurvy – a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency that results in fatigue, exhaustion, edema, and membrane ulcerations? True story.


And yes, the sea-faring pun in the title of this post was planned. You thought I was kidding about how much I love puns? Not a chance.

Now, I want to draw your attention to another lesser known fact. Quick, go gather up all the over-the-counter [OTC] pills you ever bought that promised you there were going to




In case you are part of the 1.02579% of the population that has never purchased a fat-burning product and happen to also not live with anyone that may have done so. Here are a few examples of the pills I am talking about

fat burn2

Here is a list of ingredients from one in particular [but if you check they are all variations of the same]:

Supplement Facts. Serving Size: 2 Metacaps. Servings Per Container: 28. Proprietary Blend, 866 Mg. Containing, % Daily Value:++ Blood Orange (Fruit) Extract, +. Sweet Orange (Fruit) Extract,+. Bitter Orange (Fruit) Extract, +. Grapefruit (Fruit) Extract, +. Guarana (Fruit) Extract – Standardized To 12% Caffeine, +. Coffee (Bean) Extract – Standardized To 70% Natural Caffeine, +. Alpha Lipoic Acid, +. Kola Nut (Seed) Extract – Standardized To 12% Caffeine, +. Cocoa (Seed) Extract, +. White Willow (Bark) Extract, +. Cayenne Pepper (Fruit) Powder, +. Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Carmine, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide

Notice anything?

Of the words you see, that you recognize, do several of them look like they could fit into a category called……. Citrus Fruit?

While it is not recommended that you embark on the infamous “Grapefruit Diet” [where only grapefruits are consumed], citrus fruits are a great way to facilitate weight loss and overall wellness. Grapefruits, oranges, and lemons [just to name a few] are high in soluble fiber meaning that the molecules absorb in water and form a gel-like substance that actually clings to carbohydrates and slows down their absorption – making them ideal foods for Diabetics by reducing insulin spikes and helping the body utilize nutrients more efficiently. Grapefruits and Lemons are also very high in Collagen and the trace mineral Choline. Together these nutrients help strengthen the walls of your arteries, preserve the elasticity of your skin, and prevent fatty liver. In addition to eating the fruits whole, easily increase your intake of citrus by squeezing the juices in your water or tea and using with Olive Oil for simple infused dressings and marinades.

Other fruits AND VEGETABLES [don’t forget that Ascorbate is in vegetables too!]


ok, scroll back up, notice anything else in that list of ingredients?

Caffeine/Coffee and Cayenne Pepper?

Remember from This Morning’s Breakfast Post – where I mention the benefit of a cup of java and some hot sauce?

 It’s true.

Caffeine has several health benefits, including but not limited to [1] kicking metabolism in to gear [2] acting as a Diuretic to get rid of excess of water weight [3] sharpening your focus [4] giving energy boost for work outs [5] and according to newer studies, may even ward off Alzheimer’s.

 Quick Caffeine by the Numbers

6 oz drip coffee – 100-125 mg*

1 oz espresso – 80-100 mg

Black tea – 50mg

Green tea 30 mg

*Dark roast coffee has less caffeine than blonde roasts

Now the Cayenne Pepper.

The benefit of the Cayenne pepper lies in the phytonutrient Capsicum. You know that heat you feel when you bit into something spicy? That element that goes right to your sinuses and sometimes makes you cry? Or sweat? Or both [it’s ok no judgment here] – that’s capsicum. I love spicy food and actually recommend it when fighting off a cold – however – when capsicum is isolated into a pill form, it is very harsh on the stomach and often can act as an appetite suppressant because of the hot feeling it creates in the stomach lining. This can increase your chances of stomach ulcers long-term.  Medically-speaking, capsicum is more commonly used topically that internally. Check out this article to see some of those uses

My dear Readers, as a general rule of thumb, if something is used more commonly topically than internally, let this be a red flag at minimum to further investigate before you get  seduced by a rock-hard sexy lady on the front of a cardboard box.

Tragic to think it could be a scam, I realize. But stay with me for the take home message:

Remember taking supplements, while not EVIL, is always the second-best option. Our bodies prefer to absorb nutrients from foods themselves, as there are a lot of nutrients that work together to be effectively utilized by the body and when you isolate it in supplement form you lose out on this benefit [and almost always cost yourself more money].

SO save your money. Grab some citrus, and get healthy naturally.

‘Orange you glad you read this?

Last pun I swear….


“You’re Pushing My Buttons!” And it feels so good…

Let’s just be honest – to some extent, we have ALL been told stress is bad.
Consider the following:
We know we hate feeling stressed.
We know we feel stress is an unavoidable part of life.
And we all probably have at least a few “go-to” ways for reducing said stress, yes?

A glass of wine?
A few good laughs?
A little um…Nookie?
Listening to music?
A second glass of wine?
A tickle fest?
A wrestling match?
A lot of um… Nookie?

[Rinse, and Repeat?]

Your list may look different, I’m not sure how I auto-imported by journal for that…awkward…. 

Alright, where was I?

Yes okay, stress.
Feeling stressed? It’s no fun*

Unless you are a fat cell. Then you are in heaven.

 Allow me to explain.
When you are in a state of mental or physical stress your body is producing more of the hormone Cortisol. This hormone is directly related to fat storage. And by directly related, I mean it initiates and sustains the storage of fat. Simply put, the longer you stay in a state of stress, the longer your levels of cortisol stay elevated, the more fat you will store [cue ‘happy fat cell dance’…not] and the harder it is going to be for you to reach your fitness goals. No Bueno.

Did you know that there are pressure points all over your body that, when pressed, can actually reduce stress/tension?

The science behind this is called Reflexology and primarily involves the feet, neck, and hands. For instance, if you have a headache, there are pressure points on the tips of fingers and on the nape of the neck [where the skull meets the neck] that can be pressed and held to relieve tension. Backache? Simply find, press and hold the connective tissue between the thumb and forefinger for 30 seconds and feel relief.

Same concept applies to the labels you see in the picture below. Find a spot that correlates to your complaint, press firmly and hold for 30 seconds. You can do this as often as you have time to. The video is quite informative as well – and please note, you don’t have to pay for a professional [like in the video] to “push your buttons”. You can push your own. Or solicit a partner or friend!

Now, relax, reflex, and BREATH – you don’t want to store anymore unneeded fat.


*Some research supports some short-lived, non-chronic stress has evolutionary advantages and should be recognized as such. For instance, stress about meeting a project deadline can push you past complacency and encourage you to rise to a fuller potential than if there was no deadline and your project was just due “someday”. Similarly, if you have stress about a certain place where you experienced something negative, this stress can actually act as somewhat of a safeguard in future situations, as you will already know red flags, etc and be better equipped to handle a repeat negative situation. But, again, the stress referred to in this research is strictly talking about moderate situational stress; stress that DOES NOT impair activities of daily living and does not last indefinitely.  

Retro Run – Bringing the 80s Back


In case your excuse for not being active is that you tend to lack grace both in the physical-sense and possibly the fashion-sense – -so long as you don’t lack in the humor-sense…

Happy Thursday Dear Readers – MissFit here. It’s time to Lighten Upyour day with a little laugh from a day in the life [and mind] of yours truly.

Allow me to begin. It’s that time of year when I’m out of the shadows here in Phoenix, Az.

Shadows? What shadows? You know those blissful weeks between mid- November and mid-February where it doesn’t start getting light until about 710a?

It’s my favorite because it’s dark when I do my morning jog….which means….I don’t have to put any thought into how ridiculous my running outfit is or the fact that I could easily be mistaken for Jessie from Saved By the Bell with my thousand-and-one mashed curl ringlets.

Jessie Spano

Jessie Spano

I’ll be honest – it’s quite blissful.

To wear knee-high argyle socks with yellow shorts and a hot pink tshirt… or better yet knee-high socks with spandex capris so just my knobby knees stick out…

Sheer bliss knowing that my fashion faux pas are safely blanketed in the throes of night even though its 6am…

I pushed my luck this morning …I peeked outside at 607am …it was dark…I glanced in the mirror… crazy tendril curls that only Medusa would envy… “Alright” I thought, “Let’s do this”…

'MissFit Spano'

‘MissFit Spano’

635 am the sun crept up… my façade fading I ran faster… the Recycle Truck barreling around the corner reminding me I had forgotten to put out the Blue Bin [!!!] I ran faster still.

Not taking into account the volume by which my hair was inevitably expanding as I quickened my pace…

Of course people would take it upon themselves to be walking their dogs or going for a morning stroll. Which is totally great and I support – i just feel bad, you know…I can only imagine the extent to which my neon pink shirt [clashing with my strawberry blonde frizzy mess] startled these poor folks.

Alas, I didn’t trip over the speed bump on the last hill running back to my house- something the dark shadows of morning had taunted me with for the last 13 weeks – but I suppose it’s that time of year again when I should at least invest in a hair clip of sorts.