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Per usual, the The Daily Post [and anatomy] drive me to write poetry… Did you know that you are born with 270 bones and by the time you reach adulthood, you have 206?

Interesting, no?

How you live does matter. Do everything in your power not to destroy the beautiful machine that is your body and the beautiful light that is your soul. Mother Nature may be working against us, but all the same. ____________________________________________________________

Ask any doctor and you will hear

Of an anatomical truth they hold dear:

Her Bones

Upon birth there were two-seven-zero

The good ‘ol days

When her dad was her Hero

The wonder years

When she wasn’t afraid to look in the mirror

Time goes by

She doubts Mother Nature and flinches from Father Time

The days of two-seven-zero sit atop a mountain of lies she just can’t climb

Her Bones

Ask any doctor and you will hear

Of an anatomical truth they hold dear:

By the third decade of Life

She has encountered the winds of change and the aires of Strife

Now There is but two-zero-six

64 Lost

The threshold of Innocence has long since been crossed

It’s strange, you know?

She can’t recall choosing which got to stay

And which had to go

64 Lost

Surely, this can’t be right

How did so many slip through the cracks without recognition,

Let alone a Fight?

As she sat and pondered this unexpected plight

The evidence began to mount

The pains, the sorrows, they were more numerous than she could count

Her Bones

Of Courage

Of Cheer

Of Strength

Of Hope

Of Pride

Of Humor

Seem to have all but dried up

Was this what it meant to be an adult; to be mature?

There seemed to be so much disappointment one had to endure

She used to think she could never be quite sure

She sat at her desk, paper and pen, determined to disprove such a cynical path

But there it was, the price of Life, indeed had its Cost

Such painfully simple math

64 Lost




New Year, New You, and New Miss Fit!

I figured since everyone is in the “Me-Makeover” spirit and the World is all eyes on us after another controversial #SOTU speech, we are all more or less in the spirit of Change. Whether you believe in it or not.

So, next time you are feeling guilty about the amount of time you are spending perusing the free-speech internet, just know that this website is completely justifiable. Tons of great information about life, food, love, and everything in between.

ok, that actually sounds a lot like Facebook (c) …so maybe I should just capitalize on the fact that this website has …no annoying advertisements! Except for those self-serving entrepreneurial ones Miss Fit sneaks in every now and again.

She paid me to say that…

That’s neither here nor there….

So, kick back and check out the new interface for Fit4Life –  it’s as free as that Community College Obama was talking about…

Why Saturdays and People Make Us Grateful

Happy Saturday Readers.

Saturday is a special day to a lot of us stereo-typical 9-5 working class people.

After all, it is the first full day of the week we did not have to step into a scene from Office Space

care of boss-behavior.com

care of boss-behavior.com

And it is the last day of the week we can rest our head on our pillow and know that we need not step into said scene tomorrow either.

That’s it, one day. That’s all us little peon humans get.

And some of us don’t even get that. Because we have 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet.

These are the thoughts that occurred to me as I read the most recent Daily Post.

This post [in case you are adverse to clicking links] essentially prompts the writer to discuss the “best present ever received” – of course something not store/sweatshop-made was encouraged.

As usually with these prompts, I am driven to poetry. Hard and fast.

Please enjoy, and remember to appreciate those special people in your life.



How can it be so easy to forget the Joy?

How can it be so easy to forget the Fun?



There is little else like it

That familiar Presence of

Another one

I am One

You are One

Different but the Same


I hear you



That’s it?

We’re Done?

I’m not asking to replace your One

Just to realize I am here too

And I’ve loved you.




We push so hard to stand our Ground


Wandering the Wilderness

Those scandals of our Pasts

Those terrors of our Minds




To what avail?

Did we not once ask about the Lone Tree and whether or not it makes a sound?


How can it be so easy to forget the Joy?

How can it be so easy to forget the Fun?



There is little else like it

That familiar Presence of

Another one

We’ve known the answers for all of Time

Of this I am sure

But, listen

I wish to tell you what Life’s been like without You: A Blur

A White



Of Pain

Of Fury

I’m sorry, sir, I can’t give you the details

As I mentioned…

It’s all becoming blurry

I know You are out there

My quest is never done

How could it?



It is not so easy to forget the Joy

It is not so easy to forget the Fun

There is little else like it

That familiar Presence of

Another one


A Pressing of Time

Once again I find myself at the heels of poetry for the Daily Prompt
Click the link for full details.
2014-10-26 12.52.45

A Pressing of Time

Our time
Is coming to a close so quickly
I feel desperate to get through to you

This sensing of urgency

This pressing of time

I can’t seem to shake it from my mind.

What makes a month?

A week
A day

But the seconds

Those that pass with you

Those that pass with out

I’m feeling frustrated

I’m feeling stuck

Those seconds that pass

In your absence

Don’t feel worth very much
What is the ‘ pressing of time ‘ ?
It almost sounds hopeful
As if
If I squeeze Time tight enough
I can fit more into the tiny spaces of my World
Our time
Is coming to a close so quickly
I feel desperate to get through to you

This sensing of urgency

This pressing of time
I can’t seem to shake it from my mind.

Indeed my fellow Mis[ter] Fits, Life is too short to miss.
Be cognizant of your actions and recognize that Time, like the Ocean, must be respected for the power it holds.
For better or worse, Time cannot be pressed, pulled, elongated, twisted, or turned.
It is the finite “show” that must go on.
It waits for no one but yields to those who harness it.
Stay Well,

The Daily Post on Overload

Feeling the need to shake a little poetry into the Blogosphere on this Daily Post prompt

Simply put, the Challenge was this: “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” — Gertrude Stein
Do you agree?


care of williamstout.com

care of williamstout.com

Our World, so fast-paced

With the 3G, 4G, and telecom interlaced.

Our Children are learning how to love more things, but understanding less how to Love

Caught in the hustle and bustle, the traffic-jam mess,

We work more and Live less.

To turn off the noise, to shut it all out,

One must cease to rush, to pass, to shout.

But How

What with the Social Menagerie and All.

The Twittering-Tumblring-YouTubing

Linked-In to the Facebooking-Instagramming-Pintrest

Of which

Of course

You must express interest.

Let’s not forget the pull of Reality TV

You know, those people, whom we all apparently wish we could be?

But wait

Have you seen them?

Their self-absorbed consumption and over the top looks –

Just what, exactly, do you believe

Is their track record with books?

Do we even care anymore? Have we got a clue?

About education? And family?

You know those things we supposedly value…

It’s amazing how quick we are to complain

About Government, inflation, and the rain

It’s easy to hide behind the many screens

Amidst the sound bites, the live feeds, the constant information streams

We “Like” and “Pin” and “Share”

But do we really know what it means?


Lie Down.

Not to Sleep. Just to Wonder.

Open your mind’s eye to the years gone by.

Breathe Deep.

Drink it all in.


We are who we are now because of where we’ve been.

Slow Down.

Body and Mind

Feel yourself removed from the daily Grind.

Shut off the peripheral sounds.




Until the last floorboard has creaked

And the nightingale’s song is done


Do one thing everyday to reclaim your sanity

And you just might find

That in these simple acts

We shall reclaim Humanity.


The Daily Post: A Tribute to Irony’s Mother


A beautiful post challenge as always  – this is my response to The Daily Post :  10,000 Spoons

…When all you need is a knife might not be ironic, but it is unfortunate. Add your own verse, stanza, or story of badly-timed annoyance to Alanis Morissette’s classic.


Miss Fit Says:


It’s the alarm clock, when you wanna stay in bed/

It’s the twice-made mistake, even after all that’s been said






Within every Comedy is a Tragedy: A Shakespearean Musing on the Late Robin Williams


I once read that Comedians are some of the darkest people you will ever meet…

That their quick wit and caustic jest are grounded in cynicism deep-rooted in depression and nihilism.

Does Laughter – the proverbial Best Medicine – in fact operate on a bell curve?

Can it become like a drug?

An addiction?
After all, the majority of people begin their addiction as an element to control their emotions

Possibly heighten them

Possibly suppress

But the name of the game is that they get to control that

They put whatever drug in their body that gives the desired effect.

And the drug…unlike people…is predictable:
The High is malleable

Input = Output.

That’s the draw of addiction

But people?

People…people are another story all together.
People hurt for reasons and in scenarios that are not fixed

Not linear

Not logical

Not expected.

Emotions to the sober person are subject to others’ whims…their Actions



This is not often appealing.

Not for people who don’t like other people
and certainly not for people who DO like control.

And so the addiction begins.

Fast forward as we all know the addiction now controls the person

The person LOST the very element they wrecked themselves to attain.

What gives?

Why not throw in the towel and call it quits?

Well of course there is the physical addiction element – that autonomic response that involves the pleasure center of the brain and habitual response.


there is something else.

Something equally if not greater in power

The emotional relationship with the drug.

Do you know why most addiction programs don’t work?

Because they preach “replace the habit” philosophy.

And – like most “diets” – this is a one dimensional approach.

That FAILS epically in addressing someone’s relationship with their addiction

The drugs,

The food,

The self-loathing,

The fear…whatever your vice, whatever started as your “Savior” that NOW holds you captive…

There was a time when it was faceless and predictable, wasn’t there?

And that made it safe.

Never mind the destruction it did   – it was emotionally safer than the alternative.

When someone wants to die.

They wish to cease existing.

Plain and simple.

They do not truly wish to hurt themselves or anyone else.

The whole reason they want to stop existing is because of pain.

They do not desire more.

They desire an end to it.

Like everyone, we overestimate our ability to predict people and outcomes


The Fear, the drugs, the laughter, it keeps us safe.

Or does it?


Is breathing while dead inside better or worse than not being here at all?

As long as the temporary withdrawal remains less painful than the abstinence, the addict in us will prevail

And when Death finds him, not even Death will recognize him.

For he will be just another face in the crowd.

Who bowed to circumstance and traded in his mirror for a mask.

 ~Miss Fit

Comedy and Tragedy by monica-dorkface

Comedy and Tragedy by monica-dorkface

Those Lesser Parts – A Daily Post

In response to the Memoir Madness from The Daily Post: Recall a time you felt disrespected, passed over, unappreciated, or “less than.” Now write a story, poem, or bit of flash non-fiction about it.


To find one’s place is hard enough/

Let alone deciphering all that moral, political, and religious stuff


Of course

There’s school and work, and trying to make a friend or two

You know – someone who doesn’t only want you around for a good screw?

They’re out there, they are;

What I can’t say for sure is exactly where… or how far.

Sometimes I think I’m rather bright;

But the older I get, the more I realize, this world harbors more dark than light.

 What do you do

How do you act

When this world fools you with falsities for fact?


You know

I really did think I could help the world not to suffer

And that someday, some good man would ask me to look in the mirror and whisper,

“See that woman? I love her”

Maybe that can still happen.

I’m sure there is still time.

But is it so wrong to want it now, that sweet sublime?

Most nights I refuse to look at myself straight in the face

All dressed in my sheers and lace

Excuse me, Sir

Do you know the pain that comes with knowing my My Place?

Sure, sometimes it makes sense;

It even seems right and not so hard

But then that familiar feeling begins suffocating again.

The Heart

All empty

And marred.

 I blame thee naught, O Universe.

It is only to thy Self I cry and curse.


You see

My problems

They seem to be created by those lesser parts of me

Those Deep,



I carry






 Surely I can’t be alone on this dismal path

Surely I cannot be the sole victim of soul wrath?

I feel as though I’m desperate for a kin –

A friendly face who knows what it feels like inside this skin.

Everyday I feel more certain


Everyday it becomes more clear

My parents were right when they told me,

“You aren’t like the others, my dear”

If only I’d known how true that would be


I could have saved myself some of the mistakes and misery.

~MissFit 08/06/2014

Daily Post : Wordly Encounter

Worldly Encounters

as posted by The Daily Post:

The friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial you run into outside your house is asking you to recommend the one book, movie, or song that explains what humans are all about. What do you pick?


This one was easier for me than I would like to admit.

While there are heaps of things that flew into my mind at first read of this prompt – I immediately settled on the one that I feel truly sums up the



Yet naiive,

Yet hopeful,

Yet disparaged,

Yet hopeful,

Yet confused,

Yet hopeful

Montage of our World…

A World filled with mortals grappling to find their meaning in the tiny blips of silence amidst the chaos…

Only to find that they exist so much more profoundly in the chaos.

Or do they?




Daily Posts De-ja-vu

Miss Fit has been in rural Ohio for the last 8 days and in addition to rain, cold air, and greenery [all of which have almost become foreign concepts to me as a Phoenician] I have been without WiFi

*cue faint* yes  – really – sans Wifi. And as much as I adore the miracle that is 4G on my phone, there is just something about writing on a blog that I just can’t do on a phone.

So at any rate, lots of great Daily Post Prompts have come and gone in the last week and I thought I would share some stream of consciousness with you all as I sit in the Kentucky airport anxiously awaiting my next flight.

Yes, anxiously.

Not because I have any real reason to worry.

And I actually love traveling…but anyone who knows me knows I’m an anxious traveler.

Mostly out of habit.

So, yes, that foot you see over the top of the stall – that’s Miss Fit doing ABSY – or Airport Bathroom Stall Yoga.

[In case this phenomenon strikes your fancy, here is a video series on bathroom yoga… You really can find anything on Google. It’s official. Cheers to this chic!]

Whatever works for ya, right?

I’ve managed to be Xanax-free for 26 years. That in and of itself is quite the accomplishment here in the States.


OK! Time to welcome you to my Brain for a few minutes!

Daily Prompt – Pick Me Up

The one phrase that cheers me up when I’m having a bad day is, “I’ll see you soon”

No Matter what I am going through, I know that I can handle it when I’m seeing my best friend soon or family member soon. As long as there is a foreseeable end to my pain and that end involves being in the arms of someone who knows me, someone I don’t have to pretend in front of-  there is no hardship I can’t find a way to weather.


Daily Prompt – Witness Protection

When you do something new or scary would you prefer to be surrounded by friends or strangers?

A drafted a poem for this prompt.

The Looking Glass

looking glass

Today is the big day

Today I take the leap

I’m so excited

I can hardly eat or sleep.

People always ask about the Past

I’d like to tell them, it’s so much more than “those years that simply didn’t last”

I’d like to tell them that at some point is all comes together…

A moment – that moment – that helps the others makes sense

I’d like to tell them that I see more clearly now …

Just why I swam those oceans and crossed paths with those Gents


Today is the Big Day

Today I take the leap



We must be quiet, mustn’t make a peep

For, someone new is with us

Someone way down deep

There is something to be said for that ghost in the mirror.

Has he always been there?

Or did he just appear?

I used to ask these questions

As I did of my past

Back in those days where my Self was bound and masked

So strange the prisons we build

When we could be so free

Is it strange to say I feel free with this ghost right beside me?

It’s a good thing he’s here though

Because today is my big day

I’m not sure who else will be there

I’ve sent the invitations

Booked the locations

And, well, I’m doing this regardless

Here’s hoping for at least one “Congratulations!”

But wait

Silly me

I almost forgot

All that worry is for naught.

There is something to be said for that ghost in the mirror.

Has he always been there?

Or did he just appear?