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It’s April.

Uncle Sam’s favorite time of year…

IF you have not completed your taxes yet, Make it Happen.

There is only one more Monday left before you will need to file an extension or possibly risk the dreaded audit.

Let’s be real – neither you nor I can find anything specifically written about why it is a law to pay federal taxes. But we do. OR we understand bad things may happen if we choose not to.

In fact – Spoiler alert – Fun Fact Friday is going to shed some light on just WHY it is we pay income taxes and a few of the key players in how that all came to be.

But for now, Misfits, let’s talk Action.

If you have not done your taxes, take a few moments today and make a short list of what you need before you can officially say “I’ve done my taxes”.

Do you need to collect old receipts?

Jump on to TurboTax?

Hire someone?

Depending on the complexity of your home and work life, you may be able to just go online and use the forms offered by one of the software companies [such as TurboTax]. For others, paying a few hundred bucks and having a trained professional handle it is the best way to go.

Keep this as STRESS-FREE for yourself as humanly possible. It’s not worth getting flustered over – no matter what your state of affairs.

The bottom line is that whether you owe or you don’t owe – you are getting  $$ money $$

Here’s the deal:

If you get a Refund – this means that the Feds were holding on to YOUR money for an entire year and they are finally giving it back.

If you Owe – this means that YOU held on to an excess of what the Feds believed you should have. You had “their money” in YOUR Savings Account, collecting Interest…And now they want to have back the principal amount – BUT you made interest on THEIR money.

I’m not going to get political on ya’ll, but see it for what it is and make sure you check back Friday for more on the scoop.

Most importantly:

Don’t sweat it, the whole thing is sort of nonsense anyways; Stay calm. Make a simple list of what you need to do to submit everything, and sit down and do it.


Just Make It Happen.

Stay Well,



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“Therapeutic” – Gain insight into your Actions [sometimes called ‘behaviors’] and how they may be functioning as a direct result of Thoughts and Feelings

There’s a quote that says, “No one has to lose in order for you to win”.

Hmmmmm – are we sure about that?

Isn’t that sort of the whole purpose of the terminology? How can there be a winner without a loser, and vice-a-versa?

Interestingly, people often refer to our existence on Earth as a game – the Game of Life to be exact.

Why do you suppose that is?

I challenge you to consider that it’s because we have secretly [or not so secretly] decided as a culture that there ARE in fact Winners and Losers in the Game of Life.

And, let’s be honest, NO ONE wants to lose.

So what recourse do we have other than to smuggle as many resources as we can and trample over others on our way to the top? After all, there’s not room for all of us up there, right?

Just remember, being at the top and not having anyone to share it with makes you the Loser.

This Therapeutic Thursday, I challenge you to reflect on how you interact with colleagues, siblings, and anyone else with who, you may feel an inherent rivalry or competition. Decide which elements of that competitive nature help you to be a kinder, stronger, more productive member of your group. If you can’t find any…reconsider your position.


Stay Well,




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