Gluten-free By Way of Los Angeles


Oh Jimmy Kimmel… forever spoofing on the errs of humanity…

In all seriousness though – this video raises attention to an important issue – the concept of Health Hearsay.

Now, I am not sure if that is an official term or not but, if it is not, please let the record stand that Miss Fit is dubbing it.

Health Hearsay

  • When the effects of  Herd or Mob Mentality interact with Fad diet and Sensationalism;
  • Appears to be especially common in areas where frequent Tabloid persons reside;
  • Accounts for a significant percentage of food marketing profit

Before beginning any kind of nutrition or fitness regiment, I urge you to educate yourself from places other than the tabloids and word of mouth sensationalism.

Now you may be thinking :  “Well sure, I know I should be doing that, but I mean look at Eggs.. one minute they are the best source of vitamins and proteins around, the next minute they are the leading contributor to heart disease – how am i suppose to make a decision?” [see article as brief example].

Even the Chicken Doesn't Doesn't Know What To Make Of This...

Even the Chicken Doesn’t Doesn’t Know What To Make Of This…

Well yes, it can be a muddled mess out there but that’s quite honestly part of the main reason Miss Fit exists. It is literally my job as your consultant to stay on top of the leading research and make sure that it is coming from reliable and trustworthy sources and that sample sizes and correlations are legitimate and un-skewed.

Whether you choose to consult with Miss Fit or go it on your own accord, make sure to consider your sources and take inventory of changes [positive or negative] to your mood and your body when starting alterations to a meal plan or exercise routine.

Remember, what works for one person, may not be what works for another. There are a lot of X factors to consider and taking the time in advance to identify the ones that pertain uniquely to you  can help set you up for maximum success in reaching your health goals regardless of your physical or emotional starting point.


Know of any of other subjects you suspect to be Health Hearsay? Post your comments below or email direct to




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